US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Prisoner Petitions Cases

Civil Rights Cases, Dockets and Filings
Cases filed
Cases 71 - 80 of 4,407
Harvey v. Hubble et al
as 2:2024cv10248
Plaintiff: Terrion Harvey
Defendant: Hubble, Marino, Mario and others
Cavin v. Liadi
as 2:2024cv10230
Plaintiff: Mario Sentelle Cavin
Defendant: Liadi
Brown v. Cargor et al
as 2:2024cv10208
Plaintiff: David Jamaal Brown
Defendant: Kim Cargor, Heidi E Washington and MDOC
McNees v. Coleman et al
as 2:2024cv10209
Plaintiff: David Franklin McNees, Jr.
Defendant: Rickey Coleman, Susan B. McCauley, Laura Brown and others
Tyrrell et al v. Nagy et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2024cv10250
Plaintiff: Anthony David Thomas, Steven Sanchez, John Warren Ross and others
Defendant: Richard Lee Robinson, William Charles Valkema, Creston Jerome Hicks and others
Petitioner: Bobbie Maxwell, Benjamin Ballge, Richard Schall and others
Lentz v. MDOC et al
as 2:2024cv10198
Plaintiff: Gary Lentz
Defendant: MDOC, Heidi Washington, Aleksandra Wilanowski and others
Perry v. Silverthon
as 2:2024cv10194
Plaintiff: Casey H. Perry
Defendant: Ryan Silverthon
Cary v. Psychiatrist
as 4:2024cv10193
Plaintiff: Bryan Cary
Defendant: Psychiatrist
Whorton v. Coy et al
as 2:2024cv10167
Plaintiff: James M. Whorton
Defendant: Coy, Guse, Heinonen and others
Wells v. Kennedy
as 2:2024cv10155

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