Michigan Prisoner Petitions Cases

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LaCroix v. Clayton et al
as 2:2022cv12936
Plaintiff: Kevin L. LaCroix
Defendant: Jerry L. Clayton, Mark A. Ptaszek, Dea and others
Maddox El v. Maddox El et al
as 2:2022cv12939
Plaintiff: Kevin Maddox El and Keith Maddox El
Defendant: 38th District Court, Brian Thome, Dale Vande Vrede and others
Maddox El et al v. 38th District Court et al
as 2:2022cv12940
Plaintiff: Kevin Maddox El and Keith Maddox El
Defendant: 38th District Court, TPR Desnyder and Koenigsmann
Cooper v. Canterbury-Miller et al
as 2:2022cv12921
Plaintiff: Ricardo G. Cooper
Defendant: Dianne M. Canterbury-Miller, Chris R. Reed and Gonzales
Hall v. Doe
as 2:2022cv12922
Powell v. Franeies et al
as 2:2022cv12904
Plaintiff: DeJerry Powell
Defendant: Kevin P. Franeies, Zimming, Cindy Miller and others
Parker v. Michigan Department of Corrections State Prison et al
as 2:2022cv12891
Plaintiff: Michael C. Parker
Defendant: Michigan Department of Corrections State Prison, Macomb Correctional Facility Correctional Officers, Brown and others
Robinson v. Whitmer
as 2:2022cv12906
Plaintiff: Isaiah S. Robinson
Defendant: Gretchen Whitmer
Jancar, Jr. v. Artis et al
as 2:2022cv12867
Plaintiff: John Jerry Jancar, Jr.
Defendant: F. Artis, M. McDonald, R. Buhl and others
Powell v. State Bureau Mental Health Services et al
as 2:2022cv12866
Plaintiff: DeJerry Powell
Defendant: State Bureau Mental Health Services, Health Services - Medical Care Services, Heidi E. Washington and others

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