Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
Cases 11 - 20 of 53
Jarvis Neely v. John Baldwin, et al
as 19-1177
Defendant / Appellee: JOHN R. BALDWIN, IDOC Director, MARCUS HARDY, Warden, Warden for Stateville CC, JUSTIN WILKS and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: JARVIS H. NEELY
Henry Johnson v. Michael Melvin, et al
as 19-1128
Defendant / Appellee: JACKIE MELON, House Counselor, MICHAEL MELVIN, Warden, JOHN R. BALDWIN, Director of IDOC and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: HENRY JOHNSON
Jeffrey Blaney v. Jacqueline Lashbrook, et al
as 19-1063
Plaintiff / Appellant: JEFFREY BLANEY
Defendant / Appellee: JACQUELINE LASHBROOK, Warden, JOHN R. BALDWIN, BETSY SPILLER, Former Menard Correctional Center Law Librarian and others
Frederick Harris v. James Shadid
as 18-2207
Respondent: JAMES E. SHADID
Party-in-Interest: SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Director of IDOC, RANDY PFISTER, Warden, JOHN BLACKARD, Major and others
Balal Hardaway v. Sara Faetanini, et al
as 18-1957
Plaintiff - Appellant: BALAL HARDAWAY
Defendant - Appellee: SARA FAETANINI, KUL SOOD, Doctor, STEPHEN RITZ, Corporate Utilization Manager, Medical Director and others
Scott Peters v. John Baldwin
as 18-1467
Plaintiff - Appellant: SCOTT PETERS
Defendant - Appellee: JOHN BALDWIN, Director, IDOC
Scott Peters v. John Baldwin, et al
as 18-1468
Plaintiff - Appellant: SCOTT PETERS
Defendant - Appellee: JOHN BALDWIN, IDOC Director, JACQUELINE LASHBROOK, UNKNOWN PARTY, John or Jane Doe Mailroom Director
Robert Ollie v. Michael Atchinson, et al
as 18-1412
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT OLLIE
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL ATCHINSON, Deputy Commander, Southern Region Investigation and Intelligence Unit Law Enforcement Liaison, SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Former Director IDOC, JACQUELINE LASHBROOK, Warden, Menard Correctional Center and others
Maria Asencio v. Melissa Sageser, et al
as 17-2425
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARIA ASENCIO
Defendant - Appellee: MELISSA SAGESER, Wexford Insurance Co Contact Person/Regional Rep, LOUIS SHICKER, Doctor, Medical Director for IDOC, STEVEN KOTTEMANN, Doctor and others
Damien Terry v. Mark Spencer, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 17-2331
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAMIEN G. TERRY
Defendant - Appellee: MARK SPENCER, Law Librarian Supervisor, LOUIS SHICKER, Doctor, Medical Director of IDOC, MARVIN F. POWERS, Doctor, Institutional Medical Director at Tamms Correctional Center and others

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