Prisoner Petitions Cases
Daniel Avila v. Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2017cv02701
Defendant: Patrick Allen, Patrick Allen, Brian Alley and others
Plaintiff: Daniel Avila
Donovan Lamonte Haley v. Ralph G. Ornelas
as 2:2016cv03177
Plaintiff: Donovan Lamonte Haley
Defendant: Ralph G. Ornelas
Donovan Haley v. Los Angeles Sheriff Department et al
as 2:2015cv07872
Defendant: Deputy Christopher, Sgt Deputy Gasatara, Sgt Deputy Gasatara and others
Plaintiff: Donovan L Haley
Daniel Cohen v. Los Angeles County et al
as 2:2015cv03576
Defendant: Lee Baca, Lee Baca, DOE and others
Plaintiff: Daniel Cohen
Debtor-in-Possession: Ray Leyva
Donovan L. Haley v. Leroy D. Baca et al
as 2:2014cv01788
Defendant: Ralph G. Ornelas, Mogo, Reginald Meredith and others
Plaintiff: Donovan L. Haley

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