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Carrillo-Palencia v. Murphy
as 14-3680
Petitioner - Appellant: Jorge Alberto Carrillo-Palencia
Respondent - Appellee: Peter J. Murphy, Warden, James E. Dzurenda, Interim Commissioner, Richard Colangelo, Assistant State's Attorney
Hicks v. Bellnier
as 14-3643
Petitioner - Appellant: Noel Hicks
Respondent - Appellee: Joseph F. Bellnier, Superintendent of the Upstate Correctional Facility
McCants v. Hallenbeck
as 14-3616
Petitioner - Appellant: Germaine McCants
Respondent - Appellee: Superintendent Hallenbeck
Fogel v. Lee
as 14-3483
Petitioner: Al Fogel
Respondent: William Lee
Rudolph Griffin v. Bradt
as 14-3450
Petitioner - Appellant: Rudolph W. Griffin
Respondent - Appellee: John Burge
Toliver v. Artu
as 14-3489
Petitioner: Samuel R. Toliver
Respondent: Dale Artus, Superintendent of Wende Correctional Facility
Garcia v. Wenderlich
as 14-3403
Petitioner - Appellant: Jesus H. Garcia, AKA Juan Garcia
Respondent - Appellee: S. Wenderlich, Superintendent
Wilson v. Bradt
as 14-3510
Petitioner - Appellant: James Wilson
Respondent - Appellee: Mark L. Bradt
Rodriguez v. Schneiderman
as 14-3385
Petitioner - Appellant: Pablo Rodriguez
Respondent - Appellee: Eric T. Schneiderman
Rought v. Superintendent
as 14-3362
Petitioner - Appellant: Todd A. Rought
Respondent - Appellee: Superintendent
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