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Dynell Wright v. Capital One Auto Finance, et al
as 15-1213
Plaintiff - Appellant: DYNELL EL TRIBE WRIGHT
Defendant - Appellee: CAPITAL ONE AUTO FINANCE, DAVE LAWSON, dba CEO Capital One Auto Finance
In re: Bennie Gamble, Jr.
as 15-5198
Movant: In re: BENNIE L. GAMBLE, JR.
In re: Rasheem Pajer
as 15-1212
Movant: In re: RASHEEM PAJER
Respondent: LORI GIDLEY
Reginald Johnson v. Jeffrey Woods
as 15-1217
Petitioner - Appellant: REGINALD JOHNSON
Respondent - Appellee: JEFFREY WOODS, Warden
Victor Lindsey, II v. J. Thomas
as 15-1214
Petitioner - Appellant: VICTOR TEON LINDSEY, II
Respondent - Appellee: J. E. THOMAS, Warden, USP Lewisburg
In re: Tommy Farr
as 15-1215
Movant: In re: TOMMY FARR
Respondent: BERRY D. DAVIS
In re: Derek Lucas
as 15-5197
Petitioner: In re: DEREK LUCAS
Mary Rush v. Lansing, City of, et al
as 15-1225
Plaintiff - Appellee: MARY RUSH, Personal Representative of the Derrinesha Clay Estate
Defendant: LANSING, CITY OF, a Municipal Corporation, jointly and severally
Defendant - Appellant: BRIAN RENDON, Officer, individually and in his official capacity, jointly and severally
Sebryne Walthall v. Kenneth McKee
as 15-1218
Petitioner - Appellant: SEBRYNE WALTHALL
Respondent - Appellee: KENNETH T. MCKEE, Warden
William Dothard v. Duncan MacLaren
as 15-1219
Petitioner - Appellant: WILLIAM DOTHARD
Respondent - Appellee: DUNCAN MACLAREN
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