U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Cases 41 - 50 of 2,314
Jimenez v. Corey
as 23-111
Petitioner / Appellant: Jose Jimenez
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Joseph Corey
Daniels v. Royce
as 23-103
Petitioner / Appellant: Anthony Daniels
Respondent / Appellee: Mark Royce
Baker v. Conway
as 23-46
Petitioner / Appellant: Sean Baker
Respondent / Appellee: James Conway
Figueroa v. Walsh
as 23-39
Petitioner: William Figueroa
Respondent: James J. Walsh
Gonzalez v. New York State Dept. of Corrections Community Supe
as 22-3215
Petitioner / Appellant: Miguel Gonzalez
Respondent / Appellee: New York State Dept. of Corrections Community Supervision
Alfonso v. LaManna
as 22-3183
Petitioner / Appellant: Justin V. Alfonso
Respondent: The People of The State of New York
Respondent / Appellee: Jamie LaManna, Superintendent of Green Haven Correctional Facility
Wagoner v. James
as 22-3185
Petitioner / Appellant: Tina Lynne Wagoner
Respondent / Appellee: Letitia James, Attorney General of the State of N.Y.
Sumpter v. Passage
as 22-3161
Petitioner / Appellant: Terrell Sumpter
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Passage, NYS DOCCS Mid-State Correctional Facility
Bess v. Chappius
as 22-3150
Petitioner / Appellant: Curtis Bess
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Paul Chappius
Curran v. Keyser
as 22-3100
Petitioner / Appellant: Justin Curran
Respondent / Appellee: William F. Keyser

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