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Eric Conley-Eaglebear v. Frank Miller, et al
as 16-3065
Plaintiff - Appellant: ERIC S. CONLEY-EAGLEBEAR
Defendant - Appellee: FRANK MILLER, Racine Police Officer, ROBERT RASMUSSEN, Racine Police Officer, KURT WAHLEN, Retired Police Chief, City of Racine
Thaddeus Karow v. Larry Fuchs, et al
as 16-3049
Plaintiff - Appellant: THADDEUS J. KAROW
Defendant - Appellee: LARRY FUCHS, Security Director, MATHEW MARTINSON, Lieutenant, JASON ARMSTRONG, Sergeant
Fredrick Walker v. Glendal French, et al
as 16-3056
Plaintiff - Appellant: FREDRICK WALKER
Defendant - Appellee: GLENDAL FRENCH, Correctional Lieutenant Badge No. 3047, RANDY PFISTER
Cesar De La Garza v. Donald Stolworthy
as 16-2995
Plaintiff - Appellant: CESAR DE LA GARZA
Defendant - Appellee: DONALD STOLWORTHY
Christopher Washington v. Officer Windom, et al
as 16-2966
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHRISTOPHER E. WASHINGTON
Defendant - Appellee: OFFICER WINDOM, OFFICER NEUMANN, KEN FRIES, Allen County Sheriff (in his representative capacity)
Elroy Henderson v. Kim Butler, et al
as 16-2952
Plaintiff - Appellant: ELROY HENDERSON
Defendant - Appellee: KIM BUTLER, SERGEANT HOLDER, JOHN DOES 1-6 and others
In re: Walter J. Brzowski
as 16-2931
Plaintiff - Appellant: WALTER J. BRZOWSKI, Unsettled Legal Federal Removals Issues
Lesley Scholl v. Indiana Court of Appeals, et al
as 16-2927
Plaintiff - Appellant: LESLEY SCHOLL
Maurice Brown v. Steven Duncan, et al
as 16-2925
Plaintiff - Appellant: MAURICE BROWN
Defendant - Appellee: STEVEN B. DUNCAN, Chief Administrative Officer, Warden, SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, I.D.O.C's Director, MARY WEAVER, Assignment/Placement Officer and others
Jesse Perez v. Frank Eovaldi, et al
as 16-2914
Plaintiff - Appellant: JESSE R. PEREZ
Defendant - Appellee: FRANK EOVALDI, Sergeant, DAVID EALEY, Sergeant, CHARLES SWISHER, C/O and others

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