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Robert Hoskins v. Dustin Bowles, et al
as 18-2931
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT HOSKINS
Defendant - Appellee: DUSTIN BOWLES, C/O, Internal Affairs, CHAD ADAMS, Shift Supervisor, GREG JAMES, C/O, Internal Affairs and others
Maurice Bennett v. Richard Brown, et al
as 18-2903
Plaintiff - Appellant: MAURICE BENNETT
Defendant - Appellee: RICHARD BROWN, JOEL D. LYTTLE
Leighton Lindsey v. Mary Sauvey, et al
as 18-2894
Plaintiff - Appellant: LEIGHTON D. LINDSEY
Defendant - Appellee: MARY SAUVEY, Doctor, LISA ALLEN, STEVE BOST
Marshaun Boykin v. Jaime Chess, et al
as 18-2890
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARSHAUN BOYKIN
Defendant - Appellee: JAIME CHESS, Doctor, JAMES VARGAS, DONALD ENLOE, Warden and others
John Smith v. Craig Asselmeier
as 18-2832
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN E. SMITH
Defendant - Appellee: CRAIG ASSELMEIER, Doctor
Gary Wilson v. City of Evansville, et al
as 18-2755
Plaintiff - Appellant: GARY WILSON
Defendant - Appellee: CITY OF EVANSVILLE, JONATHAN OAKLEY, Officer, in his individual and official capacities, BRYAN UNDERWOOD, in his individual and official capacities
Shung Moore v. Hubert Brace, et al
as 18-2744
Plaintiff - Appellant: SHUNG MOORE
Defendant - Appellee: HUBERT BRACE, C/O Menard CC, TIMOTHY MORRIS, Lt. Menard CC, FRANK EOVALDI, Maj. Menard CC and others
Terrence Buchanan v. Brian Hayes, et al
as 18-2731
Plaintiff - Appellant: TERRENCE BUCHANAN
Defendant - Appellee: BRIAN HAYES, TROY ENGER, JENNIFER LAWRENCE and others
Mario English, Jr. v. Tarry Williams, et al
as 18-2720
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARIO S. ENGLISH, JR.
Defendant - Appellee: TARRY WILLIAMS, Warden, LANEL PALMER, DEREK J. JABUREK and others
Jason Perry v. Mary Sims, et al
as 18-2692
Plaintiff - Appellant: JASON PERRY
Defendant - Appellee: MARY R. SIMS, Ph.D., H.S.P.P., DANIEL RIPPETOE, M.D., MARY A. CHAVEZ, D.O. and others

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