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Lenny M. Chapman, et al v. Missouri Basin Well Service
as 15-2103
Plaintiff: Lenny M. Chapman, Tracy M. Chapman
Defendant: Hiland Partners GP Holdings, LLC, a foreign company, Hiland Partners, LP, a foreign partnership, Hiland Operating, LLC, a foreign company
Third Party Plaintiff - Appellee: Lenny M. Chapman, Tracy M. Chapman, as assignees of Hiland Partners GP Holdings, LLC, Hiland Partners, LP, and Hiland Operating, LLC, Hiland Operating, LLC
Third Party Defendant - Appellant: Missouri Basin Well Service, Inc.
Third Party Defendant: B&B Heavy Haul, LLC
Cross Claimant - Appellant: Missouri Basin Well Service, Inc.
Cross Defendant - Appellee: B&B Heavy Haul, LLC
Corrie Burckhard, et al v. BNSF Railway Company, et al
as 15-2106
Plaintiff - Appellee: Corrie Burckhard, as Personal Representative for the Estate of Todd Burckhard, Decedent, Maria Mack, as Personal Representative for the Estate of Blaine H. Mack, Decedent
Defendant - Appellant: BNSF Railway Company, a Delaware corporation, CUSA ES, LLC, doing business as Coach America Crew Transport
Clayton Walker v. Sara Rabern
as 15-2037
Plaintiff - Appellant: Clayton Walker
Defendant - Appellee: Sara Rabern
Tyrone Bland v. FBI Agents, et al
as 15-1981
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tyrone M. Bland
Defendant - Appellee: FBI Agents, Kansas City Envelopes, Jim Linley and others
Robert Young v. Truman Medical Center, et al
as 15-1773
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert Ray Young
Defendant - Appellee: Truman Medical Center, Administrative Department, Jared Keeler, MD
David J. Bening, et al v. Donald Nangle, et al
as 15-1746
Plaintiff - Appellee: David J. Bening, Bernice E. Harre, individually and as Successor of Plaintiff Alfred W. Harre, Deceased, Shirley Ann Hardin, as Successor of Plaintiff Alfred W. Harre, Deceased and others
Defendant: Arthur G. Muegler, Jr.
Garnishee: Freda Brockman, W. David Blackwell, City of Fenton
Garnishee - Appellant: Donald Nangle, Jeanne Nangle
Margo Kronberg v. Oasis Petroleum North America, et al
as 15-1617
Plaintiff - Appellant: Margo Kronberg, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Joseph Kronberg, and Margo Kronberg on Behalf of all the Heirs of Joseph Kronberg
Defendant - Appellee: Oasis Petroleum North America LLC, RPM Consulting, Inc., American Portable Mini Storage, Inc.
Erin Eiler v. Avera McKennan Hospital, et al
as 15-1579
Plaintiff - Appellant: Erin Eiler
Defendant - Appellee: Avera McKennan Hospital, Treating Medical Personnel
William Windsor v. Joey is a Little Kid
as 15-1565
Plaintiff - Appellant: William M. Windsor
Defendant - Appellee: Joey is a Little Kid
The PPW Royalty Trust, etc., et al v. George Barton, et al
as 15-1464
Plaintiff - Appellant: The PPW Royalty Trust Dated September 27, 1989, by and through Donald G. Petrie, it's Trustee, The Estate of Patricia P. Willits, by and through Donald G. Petrie, it's Personal Representative, The Estate of William G. Parrot, Jr., by and through Peggy Parrott, it's Personal Representative and others
Defendant - Appellee: George A. Barton, The Law Offices of George A. Barton, P.C., Gerard T. Carmody and others
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