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Cheryl Kelly v. Four B. Corporation, et al
as 16-3852
Plaintiff - Appellant: Cheryl Kelly
Defendant - Appellee: Four B. Corporation, doing business as Price Chopper, Modern Maintenance, Inc.
Randall Olson v. Randall Tufton, et al
as 16-3678
Plaintiff - Appellant: Randall Olson
Defendant - Appellee: Randall Tufton, Michelle Page, Glen Schafer and others
Jodelle Kirk v. Schaeffler Group USA, et al
as 16-3417
Plaintiff - Appellee: Jodelle L. Kirk
Defendant - Appellant: Schaeffler Group USA, LLC, FAG Holding, LLC, Fagg Bearings, LLC
Cheri Dahlin v. Lyondell Chemical Company, et al
as 16-3419
Plaintiff - Appellee: Cheri Dahlin, Individually and on Behalf of the Estate of Dean Dahlin, Deceased
Defendant - Appellant: Lyondell Chemical Company, Equistar Chemicals, LP, Equistar GP, LLC
Defendant: Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
Aaron Eckerberg v. Inter-State Studio, etc.
as 16-2021
Plaintiff - Appellee: Aaron D. Eckerberg
Defendant - Appellant: Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co., also known as Inter-State Studio, Inc.
Defendant: Karl Persinger
David Bening, et al v. Donald Nangle, et al
as 16-1721
Plaintiff - Appellee: David J. Bening, Bernice E. Harre, individually and as Successor of Plaintiff Alfred W. Harre, Deceased, Shirley Ann Hardin, as Successor of Plaintiff Alfred W. Harre, Deceased and others
Defendant: Arthur G. Muegler, Jr.
Garnishee: Freda Brockman, W. David Blackwell
Garnishee - Appellant: Donald Nangle, Jeanne Nangle
Sharon Nowden v. Wal-Mart Corporate Office
as 16-1625
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sharon Nowden
Defendant - Appellee: Wal-Mart Corporate Office
Kim Flanigan v. Bank of America, et al
as 16-1533
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kim Yevette Flanigan
Defendant - Appellee: Bank of America, Commerce Bank, Ameriza Prize Financial and others
Leif A. Olson v. Target Corporation, et al
as 16-1408
: In re: Target Corporation Customer Data Security Breach Litigation
Objector - Appellant: Leif A. Olson
Plaintiff - Appellee: Plaintiffs' Lead Counsel, Plaintiffs' Liaison Counsel
Defendant - Appellee: Target Corporation
Karen Brown v. Correctional Medical Services, et al
as 16-1316
Plaintiff - Appellant: Karen Brown, Administrator for the Estate of John Brown
Plaintiff: Justin Brown, Johnathon Brown, Does, JB & KB (minor children)
Defendant - Appellee: Correctional Medical Services, Inc., also known as Corizon, Arkansas Department of Correction, Wendy Kelley, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction and others

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