U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Correy Crawford v. Dexter Payne
as 24-2269
Plaintiff: Correy Crawford
Defendant: Dexter Payne
Melvin Tyler v. Sherie Korneman
as 24-2251
Petitioner: Melvin Leroy Tyler
Respondent: Sherie Korneman, Warden, WMCC
Jason Krumback v. Teresa Bittinger, et al
as 24-2254
Petitioner: Jason Krumback
Respondent: Teresa L. Bittinger, Warden and Attorney General for the State of South Dakota
Ephrain Marchan, Jr. v. The Rep. of Trinidad & Tobago, et al
as 24-2228
Petitioner: Ephrain Mark Marchan, Jr.
Respondent: The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Northern Ireland and United Kingdom of Great Britain
DeAndra Stephenson v. Dexter Payne
as 24-2222
Plaintiff: DeAndra Stephenson
Defendant: Dexter Payne
Darrell Smith v. B. Eischen
as 24-2148
Petitioner: Darrell Smith
Respondent: Warden B. Eischen, FPC Duluth
Marion Chapman v. Clay Stanton, et al
as 24-2132
Plaintiff: Marion M. Chapman
Defendant: Clay Stanton, Warden, Department of Corrections, G. Fife, Records Officer, Brittany Tischer, P&P and others
Zeno Sims v. Doris Falkenrath
as 24-2128
Plaintiff: Zeno E. Sims
Defendant: Doris Falkenrath
Marvin Young v. Horacio Wheelock, et al
as 24-2103
Plaintiff: Marvin Young
Defendant: Horacio Wheelock, State of Nebraska and Nebraska Attorney General
Kenneth Pitts v. Dexter Payne, et al
as 24-2086
Plaintiff: Kenneth Ray Pitts
Defendant: Dexter Payne, Director and State of Arkansas

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