District of California Bankruptcy Cases

Cases filed

Cases 1 - 10 of 3,831
In re: Frank J. Redmond
as 5:2017cv00588
Appellant: Richard Scott Fracasse
In Re Debtor: Frank J. Redmond
Appellee: Frank Joseph Redmond
Mangiafridda et al v. Wells Fargo Bank N.A
as 4:2017cv01682
Cause Of Action: Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (BAP)
Schoenmann et al v. Trifiletti et al
as 4:2017cv01680
In Re Karen Ann Pelle
as 2:2017cv02286
Appellant: Alliance Shippers, Inc.
In Re Debtor: Karen Ann Pelle
Appellee: Karen Ann Pelle
In re John C. Garza
as 2:2017cv02211
In Re Debtor: John C. Garza
Claimant: Lisa Reyes
In Re Beverly Hills Hospitality Group, LLC
as 8:2017cv00494
Appellee: 25325 Dana Point Harbor Drive, LLC
Appellant: Beverly Hills Hospitality Group, LLC
In Re Debtor: Beverly Hills Hospitality Group, LLC
In re: Jose R. Solano
as 2:2017cv02158
In Re Debtor: Jose R. Solano
Plaintiff: Jose R. Solano
Defendant: Wells Fargo Bank, NA
In Re BBeautiful, a California LLC
as 2:2017cv02134
Defendant: Arminak and Associates, LLC, Does, Rieke Corp. and others
In Re Debtor: BBeautiful
Plaintiff: BBeautiful
Case name Not on File
as 1:2017cv00389
Debtor: Salma H. Agha
Trustee: Jeffrey M Vetter, Office of the U.S. Trustee (Frs), August B. Landis
Cause Of Action: Findings, Concl. & Proposed Judgment
In Re: Herman Lornes Jr.
as 3:2017cv00503
Appellant: Herman Lornes, Jr.
Appellee: Thomas Billingslea, Dan McAllister
Cause Of Action: Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (District or BAP)

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