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Kirby, et al v. Roberts, et al
as 16-6256
Plaintiff - Appellant: ELBERT KIRBY, JR., CALEB MEADOWS
Lynn v. Peltzer, et al
as 16-3269
Plaintiff - Appellant: PATRICK C. LYNN
Defendant - Appellee: VALERIE PELTZER, TEDDY SCOTT, KATRINA JONES and others
Kerkhoff v. Smith
as 16-4153
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEVIN LEE KERKHOFF
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL SMITH
Wilson v. Wichita State University, et al
as 16-3266
Plaintiff - Appellant: BERTRAM L. WILSON, JR.
Defendant - Appellee: WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY, TED AYERS, Wichita State University employee, WADE ROBINSON, former Vice President for Campus Life and University Relations and others
Fisher v. Koopman, et al
as 16-1335
Plaintiff - Appellant: TAMMY FISHER
Defendant - Appellee: BRIAN KOOPMAN, Individually and in his official capacity as Detective in Loveland, Colorado Police Department, LUKE HECKER, individually and in his official capacity as Chief of Loveland Police Department
Navajo Nation, et al v. Dalley, et al
as 16-2205
Defendant - Appellee: BRADFORD J. DALLEY, District Judge, Eleventh Judicial District, New Mexico, in his official capacity, HAROLD MCNEAL, MICHELLE MCNEAL
Mickelson v. Proctor
as 16-1326
Plaintiff - Appellee: GARY E. MICKELSON
Defendant - Appellant: J. R. PROCTOR
Schupper v. Cafasso, et al
as 16-1325
Plaintiff - Appellant: SANFORD B. SCHUPPER
Defendant - Appellee: ROBYN CAFASSO, WILLIAM EDIE, JEANNE SMITH and others
Webb v. Caldwell, et al
as 16-4142
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID WEBB
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL CALDWELL, Ogden City Mayor, MARK JOHNSON, Ogden City Chief Administrator, JAY LOWDER, Ogden City Public Service Director and others
White v. Wycoff, et al
as 16-1319
Plaintiff - Appellant: PHILIP WHITE
Defendant - Appellee: ROBERT WYCOFF, in his individual and official capacity, KYLLION CHAFIN, in his individual and official capacity

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