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Barton v. Unity Health System
as 18-1117
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sharonia Barton
Defendant - Appellee: Unity Health System
Crescenzi v. The City of New York
as 18-1002
Plaintiff - Appellee: Armando Crescenzi, James Kennedy, Albert Simmons and others
Defendant: Raymond Kelly, individually and in his official capacity
Defendant - Appellant: The City of New York, Veronica M. White, Chairman of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, individually and in her official capacity, Bruce Langston and others
Lasher v. Buchwald
as 18-981
Plaintiff - Appellant: Lena Lasher
Defendant - Appellee: Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, Individually and in his official capacity
Williams v. MV Transportation, Inc.
as 18-945
Plaintiff - Appellant: Darryl L. Williams
Defendant - Appellee: MV Transportation, Inc., Mitch Thorn, General Manager, MV Transportation, Inc.
Robles, Jr. v. The City of New York
as 18-934
Plaintiff - Appellee: Herminio Robles, Jr.
Defendant - Appellant: The City of New York, NYPD Officer P.O. John Does 1-2, P.O. Thomas Donohue and others
Victor v. State of New York
as 18-887
Plaintiff - Appellant: Mozart Derby Victor
Defendant - Appellee: State of New York
Thomas v. City of Troy
as 18-888
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: Adrian Thomas
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: Adam R. Mason, Individually, Tim Colaneri, Individually, Ronald Fountain, Individually
Defendant-Counter-Claimant: City of Troy
Defendant: Michael Sikirica, Individually, Rensselaer County
Washington v. Sessions
as 18-859
Plaintiff - Appellant: Marvin Washington, Dean Bortell, as Parent/Guardian for Infant Alexis Bortell, Alexis Bortell and others
Defendant - Appellee: Jefferson B. Sessions III, in his official capacity as United States Attorney General, United States Department of Justice, Charles Chuck Rosenberg, in his official capacity as the Acting Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency and others
Badwal v. Badwal
as 18-827
Plaintiff - Appellant: Avtar S. Badwal
Defendant - Appellee: Ramandeep Badwal, Jeffrey S. Brown, In his official and personal capacity
Carroll v. State of New York
as 18-793
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tracy Carroll
Defendant - Appellee: State of New York, New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
Defendant: Mark LaPointe, Dennis Scuderi, Shawn Doherty

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