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Perez v. Graham
as 18-2486
Petitioner - Appellant: Victor Perez
Respondent - Appellee: Superintendent Harold Graham
Alsomairi v. Dawson
as 18-2359
Petitioner - Appellant: Noman Nagi Alsomairi
Respondent: Hudson County Correctional Facility, Ron Edwards, Warden of Hudson County Correctional Facility
Respondent - Appellee: Jason Dawson, in his official capacity as Officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Jefferson B. Sessions III, in his official capacity as the Attorney General of the United States, Kirstjen M. Nielsen and others
McCray v. Capra
as 18-2336
Petitioner - Appellant: Terence Sandy McCray
Respondent - Appellee: Michael Capra, Superintendent, Sing Sing Correctional Facility
Birt v. Warden
as 18-2318
Petitioner - Appellant: Jamell Birt
Respondent - Appellee: Warden, FCI Danbury
Miller v. Warden of Sing Sing Correction
as 18-2288
Petitioner - Appellant: James Miller
Respondent - Appellee: Warden of Sing Sing Correctional Facilty
Vasquez v. LaClair
as 18-2282
Petitioner - Appellant: Daniel Vasquez
Respondent - Appellee: Darwin LaClair, Superintendent; Franklin Correctional Facility
Davalloo v. Kaplan
as 18-2267
Petitioner - Appellant: Sheila Davalloo
Respondent - Appellee: Sabina Kaplan, Superintendent
Spencer v. Capra
as 18-2250
Petitioner - Appellee: Andrew Spencer
Respondent - Appellant: Michael Capra

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