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McMillan v. Doe
as 17-3422
Plaintiff - Appellant: Steve McMillan
Defendant - Appellee: Warden Ada Perez, Susan Taedger, Joanne Many and others
Defendant: Jane Doe, #1 counselor, Jane Doe, #2 Supervisor Counselor, John Doe, #1 and others
Cary v. AMKC-C95
as 17-3344
Plaintiff - Appellant: Hubert Cary
Defendant - Appellee: D.O.C. AMKC, -C95, C.O. Hassan, Captain and others
Garcia v. Annucci
as 17-3302
Plaintiff - Appellant: Alex Garcia
Defendant - Appellee: J. Annucci, DOCCS Commissioner, Thomas Griffin, Superintendent of GHCF
Quint v. Semple
as 17-3275
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard R. Quint
Defendant - Appellee: Scott Semple, Commisioner, Individual and Official Capacities, William Mulligan, Warden, Individual and Official Capacities, Gerald Hines, Deputy Warden, Individual and Official Capacities and others
Crawford v. Baltazar
as 17-3184
Plaintiff - Appellant: Carl Dwayne Crawford
Defendant - Appellee: Warden Juan Baltazar, Individually and in their Official Capacities, Captain Matthew Whinnery, Individually and in their Official Capacities, Lieutenant Robert Poitras, Individually and in their Official Capacities and others
Ouellette v. McCrystal
as 17-2778
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Ouellette
Defendant - Appellee: Kevin McCrystal, PA
Harris v. Capra
as 17-2729
Plaintiff - Appellant: Charles Harris
Defendant - Appellee: Michael Capra, Superintendent, M. Royce, Dep. Supt. of Security
Galberth v. Washington
as 17-2730
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gregory Galberth
Defendant - Appellee: Washington
Defendant: John Doe, Officer at C 74, Jane Doe, At C 74, John Doe, Transportation Officer and others
Perez v. Doe #1
as 17-2625
Plaintiff - Appellant: Felipe Perez
Defendant - Appellee: Officer John Doe, #1, Capt. Stanley, Capt. Williams and others
Lipscomb v. The Bureau of Prisons General
as 17-2594
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthony Lipscomb
Defendant - Appellee: Mr. Hufford, Former Otisville Correctional Institutions Warden, in his individual and official capacity, Current Warden Ms. Recktenwald, in her individual and official capacity, Counselor Darren Compton, in his individual and official capacity and others
Defendant: The Bureau of Prisons General Counsel, in its official capacity, The Northeast Regional Director, in its official capacity, Acting Warden John Doe, in his individual and official capacity and others

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