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Walter Evans v. Samuel Vazanellis, et al
as 16-4073
Plaintiff - Appellant: WALTER B. EVANS
Defendant - Appellee: SAMUEL VAZANELLIS, Public Defender, DAVID OLSON, Chief Public Defender, BENARD CARTER, States Attorney
James Wilson v. Marc Rothenburg, et al
as 16-4051
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAMES G. WILSON
Defendant - Appellee: MARC ROTHENBURG, JOHN R. LAYTON, JEFF NEAL and others
John Lemus v. Unknown Parties
as 16-4054
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN LEMUS
Defendant - Appellee: UNKNOWN PARTIES, John Doe 1, Doctor, Vienna Correctional Center, and John Doe 2, Warden, Vienna Correctional Center
Teaone Bell v. Kim Butler, et al
as 16-4052
Plaintiff - Appellant: TEAONE S. BELL
Defendant - Appellee: KIM BUTLER, KENT BROOKMAN, Lieutenant, JASON HART
Jeremy Pinson v. BOP, et al
as 16-4014
Plaintiff - Appellant: JEREMY PINSON
Defendant - Appellee: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, T.G. WERLICH, Warden
Kentes West v. Michael Atchison, et al
as 16-3985
Plaintiff - Appellant: KENTES WEST
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL P. ATCHISON, Warden, CEDRIC A. MCDONNOUGH, Correctional Officer, Menard Correctional Center, AARON HOOD, Correctional Officer, Menard Correctional Center and others
Derrick Jones v. Thomas Campbell
as 16-3989
Plaintiff - Appellant: DERRICK JONES
Defendant - Appellee: THOMAS CAMPBELL, Lieutenant, Green Bay Correctional Institution
Daniel Bakalik v. Illinois Department of Correct, et al
as 16-3988
Plaintiff - Appellant: DANIEL J. BAKALIK
Defendant - Appellee: ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, JOHN R. BALDWIN, Current Acting Director of IDOC, DONALD STOLWORTHY, Previous Acting Director of IDOC and others
Robert Tatum v. Dennis Cimpl, et al
as 16-3974
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT L. TATUM
Defendant - Appellee: DENNIS R. CIMPL, Judge, Milwaukee County Circuit Court, CHRISTINE CHARETTE, Court Reporter, Milwaukee Circuit Court, Branch 19, KELLY DEFORT, Court Reporter, Milwaukee County CIrcuit Court, Branch 19 and others
Kirk Thompson v. Thomas Dart, et al
as 16-3948
Plaintiff - Appellant: KIRK A. THOMPSON

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