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Wendell Brown v. Wayne Shelton
as 17-1841
Plaintiff - Appellant: WENDELL BROWN, also known as MENES ANKH EL
Defendant - Appellee: WAYNE SHELTON
Patrick Adair v. Officer Spice
as 17-1826
Plaintiff - Appellant: PATRICK ADAIR
Defendant - Appellee: OFFICER SPICE
Richard Aguado v. Salvador Godinez, et al
as 17-1818
Plaintiff - Appellant: RICHARD AGUADO
Defendant - Appellee: SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Director of IL Department of Corrections, TARRY WILLIAMS, Warden, Warden, TIMOTHY TUTER and others
Gary Bennett v. Michael Meisner, et al
as 17-1816
Plaintiff - Appellant: GARY L. BENNETT
James Manley v. Charles Miller
as 17-1812
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAMES E. MANLEY
Defendant - Appellee: CHARLES MILLER
Dwaine Coleman v. Mail Room Supervisor, et al
as 17-1804
Plaintiff - Appellant: DWAINE M. COLEMAN
Defendant - Appellee: MAIL ROOM SUPERVISOR, MARK SPENCER, Paralegal
Joseph Felton v. Lois Mays, et al
as 17-1787
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOSEPH A. FELTON
Defendant - Appellee: LOIS MAYS, RHONDA MAYS, ROSANNA MAYS and others
David Scheurich v. John Doe 1, et al
as 17-1789
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID SCHEURICH
Defendant - Appellee: JOHN DOE 1, Transporting Officer, JOHN DOE 2, Transporting Officer
Terry Tripp v. William Spanenburg, et al
as 17-1792
Plaintiff - Appellant: TERRY W. TRIPP
Defendant - Appellee: WILLIAM SPANENBURG, BRIAN SMITH, Superintendent, MARK YOUNG
Travis Williams v. David Stauche, et al
as 17-1734
Plaintiff - Appellant: TRAVIS D. WILLIAMS
Defendant - Appellee: DAVID STAUCHE, MAXWELL ISAAC, ALVIN BURDICK and others

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