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Garth Pezant, Sr. v. Michael Barsom
as 17-55247
Plaintiff - Appellant: GARTH BENJAMIN PEZANT, Sr.
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL BARSOM, M.D., in his individual and official capacity
Dexter Brown v. Edmund Brown, Jr., et al
as 17-15330
Plaintiff - Appellant: DEXTER BROWN
Defendant - Appellee: EDMUND G. BROWN, Jr., JEFFREY BEARD
Monico Quiroga, III v. Timothy King, et al
as 17-15329
Plaintiff - Appellant: MONICO J. QUIROGA III
Defendant - Appellee: TIMOTHY KING, C. CHAPA, GAUZE and others
Billy Cochran v. E. Aguirre
as 17-15311
Plaintiff - Appellant: BILLY COY COCHRAN
Defendant - Appellee: E. AGUIRRE
Mark Markussen v. Bernard Warner, et al
as 17-35167
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARK MARKUSSEN
Defendant - Appellee: BERNARD EDWARD WARNER, Secretary of DOC, JEFFERY UTTECHT, Superintendant, DAVID P. BAILEY, Associate Superintendant and others
Tyrone Wallace v. Olivarria, et al
as 17-55219
Plaintiff - Appellant: TYRONE WALLACE
Defendant - Appellee: OLIVARRIA, RJD Appeals Coordinator, B. SELF, RJD Appeals Coordinator, ARMENDARIZ and others
Michael Green v. HadJadd, et al
as 17-55221
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHAEL GREEN, AKA Kevin D. Brewer, AKA Kevin Dean Brewer
Defendant - Appellee: HADJADD, Rabbi, individual and official capacity, HOWARD GAINES, Supervisor, individual and official capacity
Aaron Reddix v. City of Los Angeles, et al
as 17-55223
Plaintiff - Appellant: AARON REDDIX
Defendant - Appellee: CITY OF LOS ANGELES, LAPD, GARCIA, 40211, Gang Unit Officer, individual
Tyrone Wallace v. Sosa, et al
as 17-55218
Plaintiff - Appellant: TYRONE WALLACE
Defendant - Appellee: SOSA, CC II, RJD Appeals Coordinator, B. SELF, CC II, RJD Appeals Coordinator, ROBERT BARTON, I.G. Over CDCR and others
Danell Mcalister v. Richard Nichols
as 17-15306
Plaintiff - Appellant: DANELL MARCUS MCALISTER
Defendant - Appellee: RICHARD D. NICHOLS

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