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David Younger v. G. Wielenga, et al
as 18-55948
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID MICHAEL YOUNGER
Defendant - Appellee: G. WIELENGA, Captain for S.B. County Sheriffs Dept., in his/her individual capacity, D. COX, Lieutenant San Bernardino County Sheriffs Dept., in his/her individual capacity, G. WINEGAR, Sergeant San Bernardino County Sheriffs Dept, in his/her official capacity
Roscoe Chambers v. Tim Laske, et al
as 18-55946
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROSCOE CHAMBERS
Aaron Heredia v. CCI
as 18-16306
Plaintiff - Appellant: AARON AUGUSTINE HEREDIA
Defendant - Appellee: CCI
Bernard Spencer v. A. Escobedo, et al
as 18-16307
Plaintiff - Appellant: BERNARD SPENCER
Defendant - Appellee: A. ESCOBEDO, E. DODSON, L. ZOUCHA
Guillermo Trujillo v. M. Gonzalez
as 18-16305
Plaintiff - Appellant: GUILLERMO CRUZ TRUJILLO, AKA Guillermo Trujillo Cruz
Defendant - Appellee: M. GONZALEZ, Correctional Officer at Kern Valley State Prison
Gregory Bontemps v. Arya, et al
as 18-16289
Plaintiff - Appellant: GREGORY C. BONTEMPS
Defendant - Appellee: ARYA, Doctor, MOGHADDAM, Doctor, SOLTANIAN
Gregory Bontemps v. P. Sahota, et al
as 18-16290
Plaintiff - Appellant: GREGORY C. BONTEMPS
Defendant - Appellee: P. SAHOTA, M.D., SOLTANIAN, Dr., J. LEWIS
Rateek Allah v. Rutledge, et al
as 18-55938
Plaintiff - Appellant: RATEEK ALLAH
Defendant - Appellee: RUTLEDGE, Doctor-Surgeon, Individual capacity, LEEN, Asst Health Administrator, SLIVER, Unit Manager, Individual capacity and others
Deshawn Malone v. Hahn, et al
as 18-16283
Plaintiff - Appellant: DESHAWN MALONE
Defendant - Appellee: HAHN, M. WILLIAMS, D. QUALLS and others
Norman Daniels, III v. Stuart Sherman
as 18-16262
Plaintiff - Appellant: NORMAN GERALD DANIELS III
Defendant - Appellee: STUART SHERMAN, Warden

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