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Kennard Davis, et al v. James Walker, et al
as 17-16462
Plaintiff - Appellant: KENNARD LEE DAVIS, guardian ad litem Ronnie Tolliver
Plaintiff: RONNIE TOLLIVER, Guardian Ad Litem for Kennard Lee Davis
Defendant - Appellee: JAMES WALKER, Warden, S. FLORY, DA ROSA and others
Bernard Spencer v. A. Escobedo, et al
as 17-16463
Plaintiff - Appellant: BERNARD SPENCER
Defendant - Appellee: A. ESCOBEDO, E. DODSON, L. ZOUCHA
Francis Grandinetti, II v. Norman Carrier, et al
as 17-16449
Defendant - Appellee: NORMAN CARRIER, Chief Norman Carrier, ADO, COUM, CCA/SCC #905, S. MURRAY, Case Manager; a Hawaii agent at said CCA/Saguaro Correctional Center, in Eloy, Arizona, UNKNOWN PARTY and others
Francis Grandinetti, II v. S. Mowry, et al
as 17-16450
Defendant - Appellee: S. MOWRY, LPN, M. ORTEGA, C.O.; appearing as HSA agents for SCC and CCA in Arizona, GOEDECKE, Dr. Goedecke, M.D. and others
Nicholas Patrick v. Petroff, et al
as 17-16428
Plaintiff - Appellant: NICHOLAS PATRICK
Defendant - Appellee: PETROFF, BALL, PICAZO and others
Troy Anderson v. Scott Kernan, et al
as 17-16420
Plaintiff - Appellant: TROY J. ANDERSON
Defendant - Appellee: SCOTT KERNAN, Secretary of CDCR, EDMUND G. BROWN, Jr., for the State of California, SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON, Warden and others
Frederick Jackson v. Felecia Hodge, et al
as 17-55997
Plaintiff - Appellant: FREDERICK LEE JACKSON
Defendant - Appellee: FELECIA HODGE, Library Technical Assistant, in her official and individual capacity, LOIS HIGHTSHOE, Senior Librarian (A), in her official and individual capacity, P. COVELLO, Associate Warden Business Services (A), in his/her official and individual capacity and others
Steven Patten v. M. Deschamps, et al
as 17-55993
Plaintiff - Appellant: STEVEN PATTEN
Defendant - Appellee: M. DESCHAMPS, MACIAS
Juan Jaimes v. S. Herrera, et al
as 17-16411
Plaintiff - Appellant: JUAN JAIMES
Defendant - Appellee: S. HERRERA, M. LOZANO
Dale Maisano v. Core Civic, et al
as 17-16417
Plaintiff - Appellant: DALE FRANK MAISANO
Defendant - Appellee: CORE CIVIC, SEON JEONG KIM, doctor, D.D.S., official and individual capacity, MATTHEW A. MUSSON, health services administrator, official and individual capacity and others

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