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Lonnie Williams, Jr. v. Daniel Paramo, et al
as 17-56437
Plaintiff - Appellant: LONNIE CLARK WILLIAMS, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: DANIEL PARAMO, Warden, R. OLSON, Correctional Counselor II, E. MARRERO
Harvey Larson v. Doug Moore, et al
as 17-56429
Plaintiff - Appellant: HARVEY EUGENE LARSON
Defendant - Appellee: DOUG MOORE, Parole Officer, ESCOBAR, Parole Officer, AIZAGA, Parole Officer and others
Benjamin Lee v. Pirko, et al
as 17-56425
Plaintiff - Appellant: BENJAMIN PATRICK LEE
Defendant - Appellee: PIRKO, Officer #17304, in his individual and official capacity, GARCIA, Officer #17535, in his individual and official capacity, BAER, Sergeant #15743, in his individual and official capacity and others
Carlos Romero v. Gregory Hernandez, et al
as 17-16890
Plaintiff - Appellant: CARLOS FERNANDO ROMERO
Defendant - Appellee: GREGORY HERNANDEZ, (PPD Officer) #5920 "And Others", UNKNOWN KERGER, #8702 (Officer), UNKNOWN SMOKE, Officer, #8856 and others
Marshall Richmond v. Richard Ives, et al
as 17-35746
Defendant - Appellee: RICHARD B. IVES, Warden, BRYAN MARTINEK, KEVIN STRAIGHT and others
Theresa Torricellas v. Gia Bedford, et al
as 17-56415
Defendant - Appellee: GIA BEDFORD, Medical Doctor, in her individual and official capacity, T. ELFU, Registered Nurse, in his/her individual and official capacity, G. VILLACORTA, Supervising Registered Nurse II, in his/her individual and official capacity and others
Daniel Garcia v. City of Santa Clara, et al
as 17-16883
Plaintiff - Appellant: DANIEL CARLOS GARCIA
Defendant - Appellee: CITY OF SANTA CLARA, STEPHEN LODGE, Chief of Police, GARY HOSMAN and others
Foy Chandler v. R. Guttierrez, et al
as 17-56402
Plaintiff - Appellee: FOY JAMES CHANDLER
Defendant - Appellant: R. PHILLIP GUTTIERREZ, ROSS QUINN, Facility Doctor, L. SINGH, Nurse and others
Winifred Jiau v. Randy Tews
as 17-16853
Plaintiff - Appellant: WINIFRED JIAU
Defendant - Appellee: RANDY L. TEWS, Warden
Jason Mims v. Eduards Abele, et al
as 17-56377
Plaintiff - Appellant: JASON J. MIMS
Defendant - Appellee: EDUARDS R. ABELE, Individual capacity as Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, County Board of Supervisors, Executive Officials, KELLER NO. 31737, Individual Capacity as North Hollywood Police Officer and others

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