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Eric Robinson v. Ron Rackley, et al
as 17-15547
Plaintiff - Appellant: ERIC MARK ROBINSON
Defendant - Appellee: RON RACKLEY, Warden, Warden, PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, BPH and others
Gregory Leonard v. E.K. McDaniel, et al
as 17-15548
Plaintiff - Appellant: GREGORY N. LEONARD
Defendant - Appellee: E.K. MCDANIEL, Warden, ISIDRO BACA, LISA WALSH and others
Doyle Davis v. Daniel Paramo, et al
as 17-55390
Plaintiff - Appellant: DOYLE WAYNE DAVIS
Defendant - Appellee: DANIEL PARAMO, Warden, Warden, R.J. Donovan Prison, M. GLYNN, Chief Executive Officer, S. ROBERTS, Chief Medical Executive and others
Demetri Alexander v. Gary Dutton
as 17-15529
Plaintiff - Appellant: DEMETRI ALEXANDER
Defendant - Appellee: GARY DUTTON
Keith Currie v. Robert Bannister, et al
as 17-15528
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEITH CURRIE
Defendant - Appellee: ROBERT BANNISTER, NDOC Medical Director, KAREN GEDNEY, M.D., VERONICA VAN HORN, P.A.
Eric Wheeler v. Kathleen Alison, et al
as 17-15514
Plaintiff - Appellant: ERIC CLARK WHEELER
Defendant - Appellee: KATHLEEN ALISON, Warden at CSATF, D. DUCK, A. MURRIETA and others
Monico Quiroga, III v. Aguilara, et al
as 17-15513
Plaintiff - Appellant: MONICO J. QUIROGA III
Vernon Rubidoux v. Jeff Macomber, et al
as 17-15511
Plaintiff - Appellant: VERNON RUBIDOUX
Defendant - Appellee: JEFF MACOMBER, Warden, Warden, JONES, LT. a Facility Program, RUSSELL, Correctional Officer and others
Maurice Hunt v. Mantevousian, et al
as 17-15504
Plaintiff - Appellant: MAURICE HUNT
Defendant - Appellee: MANTEVOUSIAN, SNIDER, Associate Warden, GARCIA, Facility Captain and others
Jeffery Lout v. Roxanne Tuss, et al
as 17-35228
Plaintiff - Appellant: JEFFERY JOHN LOUT
Defendant - Appellee: ROXANNE TUSS, LEROY KIRKEGARD, THOMAS WOOD and others

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