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Lee'Thiel Payne v. J. Ramirez
as 16-16526
Plaintiff - Appellant: LEE'THIEL PAYNE
Defendant - Appellee: J. RAMIREZ
Gregory Lyons v. Mike Santana, et al
as 16-56247
Plaintiff - Appellant: GREGORY ARISTOTLE LYONS
Defendant - Appellee: MIKE SANTANA, Deputy, individual and official capacity, BLEAU, Deputy, individual and official capacity, HILLS, Deputy, individual and official capacity and others
George Allen v. Audrey King, et al
as 16-16518
Plaintiff - Appellant: GEORGE N. ALLEN
Defendant - Appellee: AUDREY KING, DAVID LANDRUM, Acting Chief of Police Services
Wayne DeBerry v. Audrey King, et al
as 16-16521
Plaintiff - Appellant: WAYNE P. DEBERRY
Defendant - Appellee: AUDREY KING, DAVID LANDRUM, Acting Chief of Police Services
Seavon Pierce v. Barack Obama
as 16-16523
Plaintiff - Appellant: SEAVON PIERCE
Defendant - Appellee: BARACK OBAMA, President
Lanard Kitchens v. Leach, et al
as 16-16335
Plaintiff - Appellant: LANARD KITCHENS
Defendant - Appellee: LEACH, Senior Deputy, T. DAY, Deputy, COKER, Sergeant and others
Larry Heggem v. Whatcom County, et al
as 14-35887
Plaintiff - Appellant: LARRY GENE HEGGEM
Defendant - Appellee: WHATCOM COUNTY, BILL ELFO, Sheriff, and his under sheriff and their Jane Doe Wives, WENDY JONES and others
Andrew Roshone v. Colette Peters, et al
as 14-35891
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANDREW PAUL ROSHONE
Defendant - Appellee: COLETTE PETERS, SRCI, Dental, MARK NOOTH and others
Mark Phelps v. Matthew Cate, et al
as 14-17071
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARK PHELPS
Defendant - Appellee: MATTHEW CATE, JASON RAMIREZ, DAVID STINSON and others
Dwayne Abraham v. ODOC, et al
as 14-35879
Plaintiff - Appellant: DWAYNE EDWARD ABRAHAM
Defendant - Appellee: OREGON DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, et al. 2575 Center st NE Salem Or 97301, MAX WILLIAM, Director DOC, DAN JOHNSON, Superintendent,(PRCI) and others

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