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John S. Birke v. The 538 Individual Members of the Electoral College
as 2:2016cv08432
310) 914-2484 (fax: John S. Birke
Defendant: The 538 Individual Members of the Electoral College
Residents for The Beverly Hills Garden and Open Space Initiative v. City of Beverly Hills
as 2:2016cv05532
Defendant: City of Beverly Hills
Plaintiff: Residents for The Beverly Hills Garden and Open Space Initiative
Richard Odello v. Survey Sampling International, LLC et al
as 2:2016cv03591
Defendant: Does, Survey Sampling International, LLC
Plaintiff: Richard Odello
Roque Rocky De La Fuente v. Alex Padilla et al
as 2:2016cv03242
Defendant: State of California, Secretary of State Alex Padilla
Plaintiff: Roque Rocky De La Fuenta
Emidio Soltysik et al v. Alex Padilla et al
as 2:2015cv07916
Defendant: Dean Logan, Alex Padilla
Plaintiff: Jennifer McClellan, Emidio Soltysik
James Lomako vs. City of Pasadena et al. We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2015cv01256
Defendant: Michele Bagneris, Michele Bagneris, Michael Beck and others
Plaintiff: James Lomako
Temperance A. Lance-Council v. Logan
as 2:2014cv08265
Plaintiff: Temperance A Lance-Council
Defendant: Dean Logan
Kamal K Roy v. US American Democracy et al
as 2:2013cv05361
Defendant: US American Democracy, USA
Plaintiff: The Rev Dr Kamal K Roy
Keith Judd et al v. Barack Obama et al
as 8:2012cv01888
Defendant: Brian Schatz, Alice Travis Germond, Eric Holder and others
Plaintiff: Orly Taitz, Keith Judd, Leah Lax and others
Pepper Draper et al v State of Arizona et al
as 8:2012cv01602
Plaintiff: Jonathon Moody, Christopher Moreno, Donald Ray Morgan and others
Defendant: State of Vermont, State of Virginia, State of Washington and others

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