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Jackson v. Huss
as 2:2018cv12417
Petitioner: Damien Jackson
Respondent: Erica Huss
Head v. Christiansen
as 2:2018cv12416
Petitioner: Mark Anthony Head
Respondent: J. Christiansen
Varnes v. Nagy
as 2:2018cv12395
Petitioner: Lionel Varnes
Respondent: Noah Nagy
Williams v. Campbell
as 2:2018cv12396
Petitioner: Derrick Williams
Respondent: S. Campbell
Carroll v. Jackson
as 2:2018cv12380
Petitioner: dwain carroll
Respondent: Shane Jackson
Cause Of Action: Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
Evans v. Trierweiler
as 2:2018cv12378
Petitioner: Brian Evans
Respondent: Tony Trierweiler
Glaspie v. McCullick
as 4:2018cv12342
Petitioner: Dreshawn M. Glaspie
Respondent: Mark McCullick
Johnson v. Chapman
as 2:2018cv12329
Petitioner: Johnnie Tyrell Johnson, Jr.
Respondent: Willis Chapman
Taylor v. Rewerts
as 2:2018cv12335
Petitioner: Cedrick L. Taylor
Respondent: Randy Rewerts
Boucher v. McCullick
as 2:2018cv12328
Petitioner: Brian W. Boucher
Respondent: Mark McCullick

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