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McClary v. Butler
as 5:2019cv00016
Plaintiff: Ronald McClary
Defendant: Michael Butler
Ransom v. Davis et al
as 1:2019cv00040
Defendant: FNU Davis, T. Hamilton, FNU Kizer
Plaintiff: Brian G. Ransom
Chapman v. Starnes et al
as 5:2019cv00011
Plaintiff: Randy Scott Chapman
Defendant: Johnathan Starnes, Phillip Starnes, Adrian Davis
Mauney v. Burke County Sheriff's Office et al
as 1:2019cv00032
Defendant: Burke County Sheriff's Office, l J. Boilinger, Marshall and others
Plaintiff: Bradley L. Mauney
Alvarez v. Davis et al
as 1:2019cv00034
Defendant: B. Morris, L. Davis
Plaintiff: Eli Alvarez
Murdock v Horne et al
as 3:2019cv00039
Defendant: FNU Williams, Disciplinary Appellate Committee, Facility Classification Committee and others
Plaintiff: Ajanaku Murdock
Ashe v. Amburgey et al
as 1:2019cv00026
Defendant: J. Thomas Amburgey, Fredilyn Sison, Sheriff's Office and others
Plaintiff: Kenneth Ashe
James-Bey v. N.C. Dept. of Public Safety et al
as 1:2019cv00020
Defendant: Robert T. Barker, FNU Reynolds, J. Grant and others
Plaintiff: Terrance L. James-Bey
Kimble v. Corpening et al
as 1:2019cv00016
Plaintiff: William Kimble, Jr
Defendant: FNU Todd, Saint T. Tapp, H. Corpening and others
Fox v. Arron et al
as 3:2019cv00019
Plaintiff: Duane L. Fox, Jennifer Ann Jasmaine
Defendant: FNU Germaney, FNU Hatley, FNU Arron

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