Cases filed in the California Central District Court Before Judge Dean Pregerson

Cases 11 - 20 of 3,935
Rhome J Calhoun v. Los Angeles County Division of Child Support et al
as 2:2018cv05932
Plaintiff: Rhome J Calhoun
Defendant: Sandra Gonzales, Los Angeles County Division of Child Support
Jose Hernandez-Cruz v. Los Toros Market Corp. et al
as 2:2018cv05880
Defendant: Does, Los Toros Market Corp.
Plaintiff: Jose Hernandez-Cruz
Hugo Esqueda v. Fig and York LLC et al
as 2:2018cv05890
Defendant: Does, Fig and York LLC
Plaintiff: Hugo Esqueda
Brittani Friedman v. Popsugar, Inc. et al
as 2:2018cv05888
Defendant: Does, Popsugar, Inc.
Plaintiff: Brittani Friedman
Tina Hayden v. Cheng and Hua Inc. et al
as 2:2018cv05885
Defendant: Cheng and Hua Inc., Does
Plaintiff: Tina Hayden
Jeanette Smith v. Capital One Bank, N.A.
as 2:2018cv05755
Defendant: Capital One Bank, N.A.
Plaintiff: Jeanette Smith
Lucas R. et al v. Alex Azar et al
as 2:2018cv05741
Defendant: Alex Azar, E. Scott Lloyd
Plaintiff: Jaime D., Gabriela N., Lucas R. and others
Frances Wisniowski v. Commissioner of the Social Security Administration
as 2:2018cv05761
Defendant: Commissioner of the Social Security Administration
Plaintiff: Frances Wisniowski
Lawrence McDavid v. Premier Produce Company et al
as 2:2018cv05648
Defendant: Does, Premier Produce Company
Plaintiff: Lawrence McDavid
Cara C. Jones v. Bank of America N.A. et al
as 2:2018cv05631
Defendant: Bank of America N.A., Clear Recon Corp., Does
Plaintiff: Cara C. Jones

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