Cases 1 - 10 of 56
Miguel Rivera v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 21-15931
Defendant / Appellee: DANIEL SEGO, Mr., facility healthcare administrator, DAVID SHINN, Director, CAMERON and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: MIGUEL RIVERA
Cesar Ramirez v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 21-15056
Defendant / Appellee: VANESSA HEADSTREAM, CRN, CCHP, Program Evaluation Administrator, Health Services Contract Monitoring at ASPC Lewis, CENTURION OF ARIZONA LLC, CORIZON HEALTH SERVICES and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: CESAR RAMIREZ
Defendant: UNKNOWN PARTIES, John Does 1-20; Medical personnel at ASPC Lewis
Donald Palmer v. State of Arizona, et al
as 21-15020
Defendant / Appellee: CHARLES L. RYAN, DOUG DUCEY, Governor, DAVID SHINN, Director, Director of ADOC and others
Petitioner / Appellant: DONALD RAY PALMER
DaJuan Williams v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 20-17507
Defendant / Appellee: DAVID SHINN, Director, S. MANGAN, COII #3112 - Correctional Officer II at ASPC-Florence, G. OSLER, Correctional Officer (COII) #1688 at ASPC-Florence and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: DAJUAN WILLIAMS
Brittian Young v. Arizona Department of Environm, et al
as 20-17217
Defendant / Appellee: CHARLES L. RYAN, Director for ADOC, CAMILLE D. BIBLES, U.S. District Judge, ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, Named as State of Arizona - Arizona Department of Corrections and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: BRITTIAN WILLIE YOUNG
Michael Fuqua v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 20-17162
Defendant / Appellee: STERNS, Sgt. at SMU #1, UNKNOWN PARTIES, ADOC Correctional Officers employed at ADOC - in their official and individual capacities, Central Office COIII, Central Office COIV, Central Office Deputy Warden, CO II Kitchen Security at SMU #1, CAMIT, Correctional Officer II at Special Management Unit #1 and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: MICHAEL RAY FUQUA, AKA Michael Fuqua
Adrien Espinoza v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 20-16829
Defendant / Appellee: G. OSLER, COII #1688, Publication Review Staff at ASPC Florence, RAMOS, First name unknown; Sgt, Supervisor of Publication Review Staff at ASPC Florence, S. MANGAN, COII, Publication Review/Mailroom at ASPC Florence and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: ADRIEN JOSHUA ESPINOZA
Rodney Moore v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 20-16504
Plaintiff / Appellant: RODNEY D. MOORE
Defendant / Appellee: UNKNOWN PARTIES, T.S.U. Officers at Arizona Department of Corrections, C. R. GLYNN, CHARLES L. RYAN and others
Brittian Young v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 20-16247
Defendant / Appellee: MARK BRNOVICH, Attorney General, State Attorney General, CAROL MILLER, Commercial Property Manager, LISA DANIEL FLORES, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: BRITTIAN WILLIE YOUNG
Anant Tripati v. Corizon Incorporated, et al
as 20-15593
Defendant / Appellee: AKUASI ARHIN, Dr., KARYN E. KLAUSNER, ADOC Attorney, STEVEN BELL, CO III and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: ANANT KUMAR TRIPATI

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