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Erineo Cano v. Kevin Lambkins, et al
as 14-17058
Plaintiff - Appellant: ERINEO CANO
Defendant - Appellee: KEVIN LAMBKINS, Correctional Officer at A.D.O.C., JOSEPH M. ARPAIO, Sheriff at M.C.S.O., MARY PICARDO, Psychiatrist at Lower Buckeye Jail and others
Maurice Olivier v. R. Grounds, et al
as 14-17038
Plaintiff - Appellant: MAURICE P. OLIVIER
Defendant - Appellee: R. GROUNDS, K. MENSING, M. E. SPEARMAN and others
John Arpino v. Sharron Howell, et al
as 14-16987
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN FRANCIS ARPINO
Defendant - Appellee: SHARRON HOWELL, GARGYA, Dr., BRIAN TAYLOR and others
Marcus Harrison v. E. Smith, et al
as 14-16962
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARCUS L. HARRISON
Defendant - Appellee: E. SMITH, Officer, R. GRAVES
Raymond Manzanillo v. John Moulton, et al
as 14-16958
Plaintiff - Appellant: RAYMOND J. MANZANILLO
Defendant - Appellee: JOHN MOULTON, Staff Psychologist, Pelican Bay State Prison, J. FRISK, CHRISTINE MCALLISTER-SILVA and others
John Flowers v. Isidro Baca, et al
as 14-16932
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN FLOWERS
Defendant - Appellee: ISIDRO BACA, LISA WALSH, RONALD CENTRIC and others
Gabriel Reyes v. Michael Sayre, et al
as 14-16920
Plaintiff - Appellant: GABRIEL RALPH REYES
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL C. SAYRE, M.D., C. WILLIAMS, J. TORRANCE, Medical Appeals Coordinator and others
Larry Elem v. Tucson Police Department
as 14-16917
Plaintiff - Appellant: LARRY A. ELEM
Keith Nance v. Allen Miser, et al
as 14-16900
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEITH PRESTON NANCE
John Neuendorf, II v. St. Joseph's Hospital, et al
as 14-16906
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN CALVIN NEUENDORF, II
Defendant - Appellee: ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL, WILLIAM C. SCIBETTA, Anesthesiologist Medical Doctor at St. Joseph's Hospital, JAMES A. MANKIN, Assistant Medical Doctor at St. Joseph's Hospital and others
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