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Fredrick Graham v. Abbey O'Brien, et al
as 24-1295
Plaintiff: Fredrick Ernest Graham
Defendant: Abbey O'Brien, Unknown Probation Officer #1, Unknown Probation Officer #2 and others
Farland Gilliehan v. St. Charles County Court, et al
as 24-1282
Plaintiff: Farland L. Gilliehan
Defendant: St. Charles County Circuit Court, St. Charles County Jail, Dan Keen, St. Charles County Jail Director and others
Brett Chilton v. Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop E, et al
as 24-1265
Plaintiff: Brett Michaels Chilton
Defendant: Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop E and Sgt. J. Wilson
Sheng-Wen Cheng v. P. Grenier, et al
as 24-1251
Plaintiff / Appellant: Sheng-Wen Cheng
Defendant / Appellee: P. Grenier, sued in his official and individual capacities and United States of America
Angel Rios-Rosa v. All Clergy Inside D.O.C.
as 24-1125
Plaintiff / Appellant: Angel David Rios-Rosa
Defendant / Appellee: All Clergy Inside D.O.C. of Missouri
Austin Webster v. Saint Louis County, et al
as 24-1127
Plaintiff / Appellant: Austin J. Webster
Defendant / Appellee: Saint Louis County and Tamara S. Lemke, Program Facilitator, in her individual and official capacities
Darrel Fisher v. Fernando Gaitan, Jr.
as 24-1115
Plaintiff / Appellant: Darrel R. Fisher
Defendant / Appellee: Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.
Kevin McGee v. Donna Anderson, et al
as 24-1107
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kevin D. McGee
Defendant / Appellee: Donna Anderson and Felix T. Vincenz
Monica Morris v. Does
as 24-1100
Plaintiff / Appellant: Monica Morris
Defendant / Appellee: Does
Matthew Houston v. Encore Event Technologies, et al
as 24-1093
Plaintiff / Appellant: Matthew Travis Houston
Defendant / Appellee: Encore Event Technologies, Encore Productions, Encore Event Services and others

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