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Bobby Robertson v. Dexter Payne, et al
as 24-1745
Plaintiff: Bobby Lee Robertson
Defendant: Dexter Payne, Director, ADC, James Gibson, Warden, James Shipman, Deputy Warden, Varner Supermax and others
Larry Windeknecht v. David Easter, Sr., et al
as 24-1730
Plaintiff: Larry E. Windeknecht
Defendant: David L. Easter, Sr., Security Staff and Jarrod Hoskins, Security Staff
Leodis Randle v. Eric Higgins, et al
as 24-1711
Plaintiff: Leodis Randle
Defendant: Eric Higgins, Does, Agents, Dyer, 12th Street Police Officer, Major and others
Ricky Tigue, Jr. v. Belcher, et al
as 24-1669
Plaintiff: Ricky Lynn Tigue, Jr.
Defendant: Belcher, RN, EARU, ADC, Gary Kerstein, EARU, ADC, Kelley, Lt., EARU, ADC and others
Stephen Plunkett v. Merrick Garland, et al
as 24-1639
Plaintiff: Stephen Christopher Plunkett
Defendant: Merrick B. Garland, Attorney General, Collette Peters, John P. Yates, Warden and others
Jeffrey Reynolds v. Pamela Cook, et al
as 24-1618
Plaintiff: Jeffrey Reynolds
Defendant: Pamela Cook, Lieutenant, DRU, ADC, F.D. Gilbert, Sergeant, DRU, ADC, D.J. Wilson, Corporal, DRU, ADC and others
Antiona Phillips v. Donald Compton, et al
as 24-1575
Plaintiff: Antiona Lee Phillips
Defendant: Donald Compton, Rehab Program Manager, ADC, Pierce, Mental Health Advocate Supervisor, ADC, Dexter Payne, Chief Assistant Deputy Director, DOC and others
Shane Lonix v. Musselwhite, et al
as 24-1527
Plaintiff: Shane Ashton Lonix
Defendant: Musselwhite, Warden, Cummins Unit, ADC, Merlin Fitzpatrick, Lt., Cummins Unit, ADC, Hayes, Mental Health Advisor, Cummins Unit, ADC and others
Henry Williams v. Dexter Payne, et al
as 24-1455
Plaintiff: Henry Williams
Defendant: Dexter Payne, Director, ADC, Gary Musselwhite, Warden, Cummins Unit, Robert L. Pierce, Security Deputy Warden, Cummins Unit and others
Damien Ford v. J. Lee, et al
as 24-1441
Plaintiff: Damien Ford
Defendant: J. Lee, Sergeant, Sims, Sergeant, Tucker Max Unit, Taylor, Correctional Officer and others

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