U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Cases filed
Cases 61 - 70 of 26,694
Eric Audelo v. Jeffrey Beard, et al
as 18-56148
Petitioner - Appellant: ERIC ANTONIO AUDELO
Respondent - Appellee: JEFFREY A. BEARD, KAMALA D. HARRIS, Attorney General
Raul Arellano v. Daniel Paramo
as 18-56146
Plaintiff - Appellant: RAUL ARELLANO
Respondent - Appellee: DANIEL PARAMO, Warden
Jameison Beam v. James Mattis
as 18-35707
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAMEISON BEAM
Defendant - Appellee: JAMES MATTIS
Dean Aviles v. BICE, et al
as 18-56144
Plaintiff - Appellant: DEAN HIMBLER AVILES, AKA Dean Aviles
Defendant - Appellee: BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT, LESC, NCIC, Protection Order Records and others
Demetrius Franklin v. Raymond Madden
as 18-56145
Petitioner - Appellant: DEMETRIUS FRANKLIN
Respondent - Appellee: RAYMOND MADDEN, Warden
David Townsel v. MCDC, et al
as 18-16605
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID TOWNSEL
Dion Anderson v. Christian Pfeiffer
as 18-16598
Petitioner - Appellant: DION ANDERSON
Respondent - Appellee: CHRISTIAN PFEIFFER, Warden
Mark Gray v. Brenda Cash
as 18-16604
Petitioner - Appellant: MARK WAYNE GRAY
Respondent - Appellee: BRENDA M. CASH, Warden
Malcolm Coleman v. Rick Hill
as 18-16599
Petitioner - Appellant: MALCOLM P COLEMAN
Respondent - Appellee: RICK HILL, Warden
James Landis v. Jeffrey Uttecht
as 18-35709
Petitioner - Appellant: JAMES JOEL LANDIS
Respondent - Appellee: JEFFREY A. UTTECHT, Warden

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