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Edward Jones, Jr. v. Samantha Garcia, et al
as 23-15099
Plaintiff / Appellee: EDWARD LEE JONES, Jr.
Defendant / Appellant: SAMANTHA GARCIA, Case Manager, previously named Unknown Garcia
Defendant: N. WOOD, #2171, D. LORETO, Correction Officer (CO II), GARCIA, Case Manager and others
Matthew Foley, Jr. v. Chris Nanos, et al
as 23-15088
Plaintiff / Appellant: MATTHEW V. FOLEY, Jr.
Defendant / Appellee: CHRIS NANOS, Head Sheriff, Pima County Sheriff's Department, PAULA PERREA, Behavioral Health Director, Pima County Sheriff's Department, LINDA EVERETT, RN, Medical Services Section, Pima County Sheriff's Department and others
Manuel Burruel, III v. Rob Bonta
as 23-15065
Plaintiff / Appellant: MANUEL BURRUEL III
Defendant / Appellee: ROB BONTA, California Attorney General
Jim Bynum v. Mary Sweet, et al
as 23-15070
Plaintiff / Appellant: JIM CARTER BYNUM
Defendant / Appellee: MARY KAREN SWEET and MARTIN LAUFIK
Khalifah Saif'ullah v. Ron Bloomfield, et al
as 23-15058
Plaintiff / Appellant: KHALIFAH E.D. SAIF'ULLAH, AKA Fernando A Jackson, Sr.
Defendant / Appellee: RON BLOOMFIELD, Acting Warden, in his Official and Individual capacity, TRENT ALLEN, Associate Warden, in his Official and Individual capacity, K. J. ALLEN, Appeals Examiner, in his Official and Individual capacity and others
John Banks v. State of Arizona, et al
as 23-15017
Plaintiff / Appellant: JOHN J. BANKS
Defendant / Appellee: STATE OF ARIZONA and DAVID SHINN, Director, named as David L. Shinn, director Arizona Department of Corrections
Defendant: TIFFANY MILLER, substituted in place of unknown party named as Facility Health Administrator and MICHAEL A. CZIGLER, substituted in place of unknown party named as Facility Health Administrator
Thomas Bastian v. Rondald Evans, et al
as 23-15012
Plaintiff / Appellant: THOMAS O. BASTIAN
Defendant / Appellee: RONDALD EVANS, Deputy Warden at ADCCR/ Eyman Complex SMU 1, BETTY ULIBERRI-RUIZ, Paralegal at ADCRR/ Eyman Complex SMU 1, R SILVA, COIV/ Disciplinary Hearing Office at ADCRR/ Eyman Complex and others
Barry Woods v. D. Hanson, et al
as 22-17018
Plaintiff / Appellant: BARRY DEWAYNE WOODS
Defendant / Appellee: D. HANSON, Correctional Officer, R. BELL, Chief Deputy Warden, RICH, Canteen Staff and others
Katherine Fletcher v. Dreesen, et al
as 22-17022
Plaintiff / Appellant: KATHERINE DEE FLETCHER
Defendant / Appellee: DREESEN, LINDSEY, SHIFT COMMAND and others
Robin Thomas, Jr. v. T. Tylutki, et al
as 22-17013
Plaintiff / Appellant: ROBIN LORENZO THOMAS, Jr.
Defendant / Appellee: T. TYLUTKI, #3201, Correction Officer II at Tucson Cimarron Unit and UNKNOWN PARTY, Named as 1 other Correction Officer, Correction Officer II at Tucson Cimarron Unit

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