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Cases 31 - 40 of 1,265
James Romeo v. Terry Stewart, et al
as 22-15340
Plaintiff / Appellant: JAMES ELLIOTT ROMEO
Defendant / Appellee: TERRY L. STEWART, Director, Former Director of Arizona Dept. of Corrections/ ADOC Central Office, Phoenix, CHARLES L. RYAN, Former Director of A.D.O.C.R.R. at Central Office, Phoenix and DAVID SHINN, Director, Current A.D.O.C.R.R. Director at Central Office, Phoenix
Todd Ashker, et al v. Gavin Newsom, et al
as 22-15345
Plaintiff / Appellee: TODD LEWIS ASHKER, DANNY TROXELL, GEORGE RUIZ and others
Defendant / Appellant: GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor of the State of California, MATTHEW CATE, ANTHONY CHAUS, Chief, Office of Correctional Safety, CDCR and others
Anthony Lewis v. Department of Social and Healt, et al
as 22-35211
Plaintiff / Appellant: ANTHONY EUGENE LEWIS
Defendant / Appellee: DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES, MELINDA YOUNG, Judge, King County Superior Court and MELISSA J. OSMAN, Prosecuting Attorney, King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
Shaykh Muhammad Al Saud v. Travis Scott, et al
as 22-15314
Plaintiff / Appellant: SHAYKH MUHAMMAD ABDUL BIN TALAL AL SAUD, AKA Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Aziz Khalid Bin Talal Alsaud
Defendant / Appellee: TRAVIS SCOTT, NATHANIEL HARRIS, #1495, DAVID SHINN, Director and others
Leonard Fox v. Tereasa Uribe, et al
as 22-15317
Plaintiff / Appellant: LEONARD JAMES FOX
Defendant / Appellee: TEREASA URIBE, SVSP, Correctional Officer, DOCTOR F. TUVERA, DOCTOR LAW FU and others
Jeffrey Nielsen, et al v. David Shinn
as 22-15302
Plaintiff / Appellant: JEFFREY NIELSEN, BRIAN BOUDREAU, on behalf of themsleves and all others similarly situated and ARIZONA STATE CONFERENCE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE, as an organization and on behalf of its members
Defendant / Appellee: DAVID SHINN, Director, Director, Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry, in his official capacity
Elijah Dominguez v. Maria Felix
as 22-15277
Plaintiff / Appellant: ELIJAH DOMINGUEZ
Defendant / Appellee: MARIA LISA FELIX
Kevin Dunbar v. Centurion of Arizona LLC, et al
as 22-15236
Plaintiff / Appellant: KEVIN DUNBAR
Defendant / Appellee: CENTURION OF ARIZONA LLC, medical service provider, NELFA PADOVANO, Director of Nursing, M ZUBICKI, medical provider and others
Alvin Dalton v. Craig Koenig
as 22-15229
Plaintiff / Appellant: ALVIN DALTON
Defendant / Appellee: CRAIG KOENIG, Acting Warden, Warden
Saul Pelayo v. B. Greer, et al
as 22-15223
Plaintiff / Appellant: SAUL PELAYO
Defendant / Appellee: B. GREER, M. SMITH, J. DANIELS and others

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