U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Prison Condition Cases, Dockets and Filings
Cases filed
Cases 101 - 110 of 2,000
Nyka O'Connor v. Secretary, Florida Department, et al
as 18-10965
Plaintiff - Appellant: NYKA TASSIANT O'CONNOR
Maurice Bullock v. Warden, et al
as 18-10962
Plaintiff - Appellant: MAURICE BULLOCK, a.k.a. Maurice Terrance Bullock
Defendant - Appellee: WARDEN, GWENDOLYN BABERS, Capt., EDWARD KERN, Dr. and others
Lawrence Jones v. Tena Pate, et al
as 18-10940
Plaintiff - Appellant: LAWRENCE LEE JONES
Defendant - Appellee: TENA M. PATE, in her individual capacity, MELINDA N. COONROD, in her individual capacity, BERNARD COHEN, in his individual capacity and others
Yvelan Pierre v. D. Padgett, et al
as 18-10939
Plaintiff - Appellant: YVELAN PIERRE
Defendant - Appellee: D. PADGETT, Department of Corrections Officer, J. SLAUGHTER, Department of Corrections Officer, J. LAHR, Department of Corrections Officer and others
Anthony Fails v. Paul Mccollum, et al
as 18-10895
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTHONY J. FAILS
Defendant - Appellee: PAUL MCCOLLUM, STEPHEN PETRI, State Attorney, JOE SIMON, State Attorney and others
Christopher Stewart v. Wayne Wells
as 18-10892
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHRISTOPHER STEWART
Defendant - Appellee: WAYNE WELLS
Waseem Daker v. Eric Sellers, et al
as 18-10889
Movant - Appellant: WASEEM DAKER
Defendant - Appellee: ERIC SELLERS, GEORGE IVEY
Waseem Daker v. Comm., Georgia DOC, et al
as 18-10879
Movant - Appellant: WASEEM DAKER
Brian Reynolds v. Warden, et al
as 18-10856
Plaintiff - Appellant: BRIAN REYNOLDS
Defendant - Appellee: WARDEN, LOWERY, Associate Warden, EARLY, Assistant Health Services and others
Donald Rager v. Paige Augustine, et al
as 18-10834
Plaintiff - Appellant: DONALD W. RAGER
Defendant - Appellee: PAIGE AUGUSTINE, KEITH BUFORD, S MALONE and others

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