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Charles Tunstall v. Frank Perry
as 17-7023
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHARLES ALONZO TUNSTALL
Defendant - Appellee: FRANK L. PERRY, BEVERLY STUBBS, R. N., DR. ARTHUR DAVIS and others
Lamond Latney v. Anthony Parker
as 17-7001
Plaintiff - Appellant: LAMOND LATNEY
Defendant - Appellee: ANTHONY PARKER, Chief of Security
Jason Vann v. Barbara Mead
as 17-6905
Plaintiff - Appellant: JASON VANN
Defendant - Appellee: BARBARA MEAD, Medical Staff Supervisor
Darrel White v. W. Jackson
as 17-6875
Plaintiff - Appellant: DARREL A. WHITE
Defendant - Appellee: W. JACKSON, Chaplain, FOSTER, Treatment Program Supervisor, V. ANTORN, Health Administrator
Defendant: J. ADAMS, Operations Officer, A. DAVID ROBINSON, Chief of Corrections Operations, E. P. WITT, Grievance Coordinator
Bruce Bunting v. Roy Cooper
as 17-6839
Plaintiff - Appellant: BRUCE BUNTING
Defendant - Appellee: ROY COOPER, North Carolina Governor, UNC MEDICAL CENTER, DR. JAMES ENGLEMAN
Larry James Tyler v. Sheriff Wayne Byrd
as 17-6810
Plaintiff - Appellant: LARRY JAMES TYLER
Defendant - Appellee: SHERIFF WAYNE BYRD, Darlington Detention Center, CAPTAIN COE, DIANN WILKES
Robert Hood v. Jack Clelland
as 17-6786
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT LEE HOOD
Defendant - Appellee: JACK CLELLAND
Anthony Wright v. Dr. Darby
as 17-6764
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTHONY LAMAR WRIGHT, a/k/a Anthony L. Wright, formerly #250258
Defendant - Appellee: DR. DARBY, in his individual capacity, DR. RANDOLPH, in her individual capacity, DR. GRANT, in his individual capacity and others
Clarence Small v. Warden Willie L. Eagleton
as 17-6761
Plaintiff - Appellant: CLARENCE SMALL
Defendant - Appellee: WARDEN WILLIE L. EAGLETON, Official Capacity, OFFICER BRADSHER, OFFICER SHAW, all sued in their individual capacity
Michael Breyan v. Christopher Poindexter
as 17-6705
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHAEL BREYAN

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