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Roger Lee, et al v. William Driscoll, et al
as 16-3139
Plaintiff - Appellee: Roger Lee, Mary Lee
Defendant - Appellant: William Driscoll, Greg Albrecht, William Albrecht
Defendant: Mathews Township, by and through its township board of supervisors
Tamra Welbig v. City of Brookings, et al
as 16-3143
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tamra Welbig
Defendant - Appellee: City of Brookings, Jeff Miller, Jordan Hansen and others
Darryl Riddle v. Sgt. F/N/U Ripe, et al
as 16-3131
Plaintiff - Appellant: Darryl L. Riddle
Defendant - Appellee: Sgt. F/N/U Ripe, Officer Richard Robinson, #4854, Officer John Doe and others
Defendant: David Kenner, in his official and individual capacities
Robbin Croskey v. St. Louis County, Missouri, et al
as 16-3127
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robbin Croskey
Defendant - Appellee: St. Louis County, Missouri, St. Louis University, doing business as SLUCARE, Mary Hastings, in her individual capacity and others
Jennifer Heglund, et al v. City of Grand Rapids, et al
as 16-3063
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jennifer Ray Heglund, Jamie Lee Heglund
Defendant: Aitkin County, City of Aitkin, City of Babbitt and others
Defendant - Appellee: City of Grand Rapids, Frank Scherf, acting in his individual capacity as the Assistant Chief of the Grand Rapids Police Department
Scott Family Properties v. Missouri Highways and Trans, et al
as 16-3080
Plaintiff - Appellant: Scott Family Properties, LP
Defendant - Appellee: Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, Commissioner Gregg C. Smith, Commissioner Stephen R. Miller and others
Tabatha Manning v. Vaughn Cotton, et al
as 16-3076
Plaintiff - Appellee: Tabatha Manning
Defendant - Appellant: Vaughn Cotton, an Omaha Police Officer, Theodore Delezene, an Omaha Police Officer, City of Omaha Nebraska
Michael Barnwell, et al v. Linda Watson
as 16-3067
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Barnwell, Individually and on behalf of heirs of the estate of Chandler J. Barnwell, Anna Barnwell, Individually and on behalf of heirs of the estate of Chandler J. Barnwell
Defendant - Appellee: Linda Watson, Dr., EdD, Superintendent of the School Board of the Little Rock Independent School District, in her official capacity
Defendant: Dexter Booth, Principal of the Parkview Arts & Sciences Magnet School, individually, Amy G. Anderson, M.S., L.P.E., - I, individually, Jody Cerrato, M.S., C.C.C. - S.L.P., individually
Anthony Kenney v. Prime Recruitors Trucking Co., et al
as 16-2886
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthony C. Kenney
Defendant - Appellee: Prime Recruitors Trucking Co., Robert Low, Director, Silvia Setlif, Recruitor and others
David Harrell v. Gerald Robinson, et al
as 16-2845
Plaintiff - Appellant: David Harrell
Defendant - Appellee: Gerald Robinson, in his Individual and Official Capacity as the Sheriff of Jefferson County, Arkansas, Lafayette Woods, in his Individual and Official Capacity as a duly appointed Deupty Sheriff of Jefferson County, Arkansas, Stanley James, in his Individual and Official Capacity as a duly appointed Deupty Sheriff of Jefferson County, Arkansas

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