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Jose Fierro v. Keith Smith, et al
as 17-15288
Plaintiff - Appellee: JOSE ABEL FIERRO
Defendant - Appellant: KEITH SMITH, Security Operations Administrator at Phoenix Division Director's Office, MARLENE COFFEY, PRUETT and others
John Quintero v. Lisa Walsh, et al
as 17-15269
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN RANDALL QUINTERO
Defendant - Appellee: LISA WALSH, JAMES STOGNER, EDWARD GIBSON and others
Earl Warner v. Y. Friedman, et al
as 17-15246
Plaintiff - Appellant: EARL WARNER
Defendant - Appellee: Y. FRIEDMAN, Rabbi; Ortodox Jewish Chaplin, A. SOLIS, Correctional Administrator, K. KOSTECKY, Administrator Third and Final Level Review Appeals and others
Aaron Stribling v. Valdez, et al
as 17-15248
Plaintiff - Appellant: AARON L. STRIBLING
Defendant - Appellee: VALDEZ, Counselor, SALAZAR, Lieutenant, RAMOS, Counselor and others
Kenneth Gibbs v. T. Farley, et al
as 17-15233
Plaintiff - Appellant: KENNETH GIBBS
Defendant - Appellee: T. FARLEY, J. ANDERSEN, R. GRAHAM and others
Richard Arnold v. Brad Smith, et al
as 17-15218
Plaintiff - Appellant: RICHARD L. ARNOLD
Defendant - Appellee: BRAD SMITH, PHILLIP EARLEY, GARY LOREDO and others
Charlie Jackson v. H. DeLeon, et al
as 17-15219
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHARLIE DAVID JACKSON
Defendant - Appellee: H. DELEON, Correctional Officer, KEVIN R. CHAPPELL, Warden, K. FRANCE, Correctional Officer and others
Charles Brooks v. Alex Lile, et al
as 17-15203
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHARLES ANTHONY BROOKS
Defendant - Appellee: ALEX LILE, Mail Room Supervisor, C. LOPEZ, Mail Room Staff, SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON
Jeremy Gunderson v. Antonio Rivas-Pardo, et al
as 17-15160
Plaintiff - Appellant: JEREMY LAWRENCE GUNDERSON, AKA Jeremy L. Gunderson
Defendant - Appellee: ANTONIO RIVAS-PARDO, named as a corrections officer at Pima County Detention Center, K. SASIADEK, named as #5942 a corrections officer at Pima County Detention Center, P. RODRIGUEZ, named as #6985 a corrections officer at Pima County Detention Center
Thomas Stewart, Jr. v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 17-15133
Plaintiff - Appellant: THOMAS STEWART, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: CHARLES L. RYAN, UNKNOWN LOCKHART, named as Dr. Lockhart, KAREN BARCKLAY-DODSON, named as Dr. K. Barcklay-Dodson and others

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