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Leon Meyers v. Edward Birdsong, et al
as 17-16907
Plaintiff - Appellant: LEON L. MEYERS
Defendant - Appellee: EDWARD M. BIRDSONG, Dr., R. MACK, P. LAHEY, RN and others
Brent Manny v. Leroy Kirkegard, et al
as 17-35750
Plaintiff - Appellant: BRENT WILLIAM MANNY
Defendant - Appellee: LEROY KIRKEGARD, CHRIS CONELL, KEVIN HART, Sergeant and others
Jesse Moten v. C. Ducart, et al
as 17-16903
Plaintiff - Appellant: JESSE T. MOTEN
Defendant - Appellee: C. E. DUCART, NANCY ADAMS, MARY MCGINNIS and others
Jesse Youngblood v. Clark Ducart, et al
as 17-16888
Plaintiff - Appellant: JESSE L. YOUNGBLOOD
Defendant - Appellee: CLARK E. DUCART, Warden, COOPER, M.D.
Paul Walker v. Dennis Smith, et al
as 17-16857
Plaintiff - Appellant: PAUL EDWARD WALKER
Defendant - Appellee: DENNIS R. SMITH, Former Warden at FCI Phoenix, D. GIFFORD, Captain at FCI Phoenix, J. FEENEY, Special Investigations Agent (SIA) at FCI Phoenix and others
Ossie Giles v. CA Corrections Health Care, et al
as 17-16861
Plaintiff - Appellant: OSSIE GILES
Kenneth Burnam v. Dennis Smith, et al
as 17-16860
Plaintiff - Appellant: KENNETH BURNAM, AKA James Roe
Defendant - Appellee: DENNIS R. SMITH, former Warden, FCI Phoenix, in his individual capacity, CARL EVANS, former Senior Union Representative/Food Service Supervisor, FCI Phoenix, in his individual capacity, D. GIFFORD, Captain, FCI Phoenix, in his individual capacity and others
Kevin Sawyer v. Chris MacDonald, et al
as 17-16846
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEVIN DEROI SAWYER
Defendant - Appellee: CHRIS MACDONALD, Lieutenant, R. CAVAGNOLO, Corrections Officer, IRA J. TATE, Appeals Coordinator
Alfred Anderson v. San Francisco Sheriff's Dept., et al
as 17-16832
Plaintiff - Appellant: ALFRED J. ANDERSON
Defendant - Appellee: SAN FRANCISCO SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT, M. JONES, Deputy, GREY, Deputy and others
David Harrison v. Scott Kernan, et al
as 17-16823
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID SCOTT HARRISON
Defendant - Appellee: SCOTT KERNAN, JEFFREY A. BEARD

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