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Richard Chichakli v. Barack Obama, et al
as 14-5310
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard A. Chichakli
Defendant - Appellee: Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America in his official capacity, Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of United States Treasury, and in his official capacity, Adam J. Szubin, Director of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control and in his official Capacity
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. v. FERC
as 14-1281
Petitioner: Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company
Respondent: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
American Institute of Cert v. IRS, et al
as 14-5309
Plaintiff - Appellant: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Defendant - Appellee: Internal Revenue Service, John A. Koskinen, in his official capacity as Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service
Dany Rojas-Vega v. U.S.Citizenship & Immigration, et al
as 14-5308
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dany A. Rojas-Vega
Defendant - Appellee: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, John Sandweg, Acting Director, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Ayanna Blue v. District of Columbia Public, et al
as 14-7189
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ayanna Blue
Defendant - Appellee: District of Columbia Public Schools, Michelle Rhee, in her capacity as Chancellor, Robert Weismiller and others
USA v. Aniruddha Sherbow
as 14-3088
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Aniruddha Sherbow
Donald Tinker-Bey v. Priscilla Porter, et al
as 14-7191
Plaintiff - Appellant: Donald Tinker-Bey
Defendant - Appellee: Priscilla Porter, 5th District Police Station
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 14-7190
Plaintiff - Appellant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Plaintiff - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Type: Civil Rights Jobs
USA v. Paul Hite
as 14-3087
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Paul David Hite
Jeffrey Swaters v. DOT
as 14-1277
Petitioner: Jeffrey Swaters
Respondent: United States Department of Transportation
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