U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Robert Tarpley v. Scott Fisher
as 14-3660
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert Tarpley
Defendant - Appellee: Scott Fisher, Warden
Edward Leroy Milner v. Tom Roy, et al
as 14-3654
Plaintiff - Appellant: Edward Leroy Milner
Defendant - Appellee: Tom Roy, Michelle Smith, Lt. Bob Plumm and others
Chandra Lyons v. Linda Dixon, et al
as 14-3648
Plaintiff - Appellant: Chandra Lyons
Defendant - Appellee: Linda Dixon, Major, McPherson Unit, A. Weekly, Assistant Warden, McPherson Unit, N. Faust, Warden, McPherson Unit and others
Dennis Dinwiddie v. United States
as 14-3635
Petitioner - Appellant: Dennis Dinwiddie
Respondent - Appellee: United States of America
Eric McCuller v. Nan Horvat, et al
as 14-3641
Plaintiff - Appellant: Eric Wayne McCuller
Defendant - Appellee: Nan Horvat, District Attorney, Richard Blane, Judge, Arthur Gamble, Judge and others
Gary Gooch v. Larry Denney
as 14-3646
Petitioner - Appellant: Gary L. Gooch
Respondent - Appellee: Larry Denney
Doyle Frye v. Ray Hobbs
as 14-3626
Petitioner - Appellant: Doyle DeWayne Frye
Respondent - Appellee: Ray Hobbs
Clayton Sheldon Creek v. Robert Dooley
as 14-3629
Petitioner - Appellant: Clayton Sheldon Creek
Respondent - Appellee: Robert Dooley
Raymond Amerson v. USA
as 14-3631
Petitioner - Appellant: Raymond Amerson-Bey
Respondent - Appellee: United States of America
Hanifi Jihad v. Tom Roy
as 14-3621
Petitioner - Appellant: Hanifi Jihad, formerly known as Marlow Devette Jones
Respondent - Appellee: Tom Roy, Commissioner, State of Minnesota
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