U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Kenneth Bell v. Michael Bowersox
as 15-1431
Petitioner - Appellant: Kenneth Bell
Respondent - Appellee: Michael Bowersox
Anthony Rizzuti v. Linda Sanders
as 15-1433
Petitioner - Appellant: Anthony Rizzuti
Respondent - Appellee: Linda Sanders, Warden
Terry Morrison v. Morris Mettler, et al
as 15-1423
Plaintiff - Appellant: Terry Morrison
Defendant - Appellee: Morris W. Mettler, Corporal Jamison, John S. Waters and others
Michael Burns v. Jerry Morgan, et al
as 15-1430
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Burns
Defendant - Appellee: Jerry Morgan, Correctional Officer, Individually, Unknown Kennedy, Correcional Officer, Individually
Steven Sandstrom v. United States, et al
as 15-1426
Movant - Appellant: Steven Sandstrom
Respondent - Appellee: United States of America
Michael Douglas v. Ray Hobbs
as 15-1414
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Larenzo Douglas
Defendant - Appellee: Ray Hobbs, Director, Arkansas, Department of Correction
Michael Daniels v. Ray Hobbs
as 15-1421
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael B. Daniels
Defendant - Appellee: Ray Hobbs, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction
Shawn Sherman v. Mary Edwards-Fears, et al
as 15-1419
Plaintiff - Appellant: Shawn W. Sherman
Defendant - Appellee: Mary Edwards-Fears, Police Officer, St. Louis Police Department, Al Blakemore, Police Officer, St. Louis Police Department, Tracey Chaney, Police Officer, St. Louis Police Department and others
Hollis Martz v. Iko, et al
as 15-1417
Plaintiff - Appellant: Hollis Devin Martz
Defendant - Appellee: Iko, Doctor, Varner Unit, Grizwold, Nurse, Varner Unit, Deborah L. York, HSA, Varner Unit
Damon Noland v. Ian Wallace
as 15-1402
Petitioner - Appellant: Damon L. Noland
Respondent - Appellee: Ian Wallace, Warden
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