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Chandra Lyons v. Linda Dixon, et al
as 14-3648
Plaintiff - Appellant: Chandra Lyons
Defendant - Appellee: Linda Dixon, Major, McPherson Unit, A. Weekly, Assistant Warden, McPherson Unit, N. Faust, Warden, McPherson Unit and others
Marcus Fields v. Randall Reed, et al
as 14-3610
Plaintiff - Appellant: Marcus Wayne Fields
Defendant: Sebastian County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Hollenbeck
Defendant - Appellee: Randall Reed, Bailiff, Dr. William Hayes, Cheryl McMahan, Nurse and others
Bobby Williams v. Ron Brown, et al
as 14-3607
Plaintiff - Appellant: Bobby Dwayne William
Defendant - Appellee: Ron Brown, Sheriff, Crawford County Detention Center, Brandon Trent, Captain, Crawford County Detention Center, Vena Cupp
Lisa Murphy v. Sheriff Chad Ledbetter, et al
as 14-3566
Plaintiff - Appellant: Lisa Murphy
Plaintiff: Laura B. Sparks
Defendant - Appellee: Sheriff Chad Ledbetter, Sheriff, Hot Spring County, George Wright, Jail Administrator, Hot Spring County Jail, Corporal Linda Rowe, Assistant Jail Administrator, Hot Spring County Jail and others
Defendant: Dr. John Doe, Chief, Hot Spring County
James Schnelle v. Corizon Medical Services, et al
as 14-3558
Plaintiff - Appellant: James Randall Schnelle
Defendant - Appellee: Corizon Medical Services, Missouri Department of Corrections, Dr. Matthews and others
Richard Bower v. Hobbs
as 14-3553
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard Bower
Defendant - Appellee: Hobbs, Director of ADC
Dale Bryant v. Corizon, Inc., et al
as 14-3511
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dale E. Bryant
Defendant - Appellee: Corizon, Inc., Quachita River Correctional Center (ORCC), Mr. Pratt, Health Services Administrator ORCC, Dr. Gregory McKinney, Medical Director, ORCC Hospital
Kenneth Blake v. MO Dept. of Corrections, et al
as 14-3516
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kenneth L. Blake
Plaintiff: Sidney Lanier, Lloyd Davis, Sultan Lane
Defendant - Appellee: Missouri Department of Corrections, Dwayne Kempker, Mike Kemna and others
Mark Butler v. Craighead County Detention Ctr, et al
as 14-3513
Plaintiff - Appellant: Mark Andre Butler
Defendant - Appellee: Craighead County Detention Center, Infirmary, Chasity Jackson, Nurse Manager, Craighead County Detention Center, Tracy Reece, Craighead County Detention Center and others
Thelma Williams, Jr. v. Brooks Parks, et al
as 14-3491
Plaintiff - Appellant: Thelma Williams, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: Brooks Parks, Warden, Varner Unit, ADC, K. Luckett, Warden, Varner Unit, ADC, Richard T. Ball, Captain, Varner Unit, ADC and others
Defendant: Joshua Shineflew, Inmate, Varner Unit, ADC, John Doe, Inmate, Varner Unit, ADC, Arkansas Department of Correction and others
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