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Delwrick Coleman v. Sgt. Benjamin R. Woodard
as 15-1781
Plaintiff - Appellant: Delwrick Coleman
Defendant - Appellee: Sgt. Benjamin R. Woodard
Dean Ballentine v. Dwight Franklin, et al
as 15-1764
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dean Ballentine
Defendant - Appellee: Dwight Franklin, Shawn Gerdiman, Richard Simmons
Kristina Quarles v. Julia Briggs
as 15-1776
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kristina Quarles
Defendant - Appellee: Julia Briggs, Deputy, Dub Brassell Detention Center
Michael Simpson v. FCC Forrest City Low, et al
as 15-1775
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Dale Simpson
Defendant - Appellee: FCC Forrest City Low, Medical Department, B. Wooten, Registered Nurse, FCC Forrest City Low, M. Wingo, Physician Assistant, FCC Forrest City Low and others
John Fulghum v. Jeffrey Allen, et al
as 15-1758
Plaintiff - Appellant: John Fulghum
Defendant - Appellee: Jeffrey Allen, Billy Lee, Tona Carter and others
Steven Pinder v. Alva McDowell, et al
as 15-1721
Plaintiff - Appellant: Steven L. Pinder
Defendant - Appellee: Alva Green McDowell, Health Services Administratior, Tucker MSU, Dotson, Director of Nursing, Sonya Davis-Peppers, Doctor and others
Andrew Reid v. Rory Griffin, et al
as 15-1678
Plaintiff - Appellant: Andrew Reid
Defendant - Appellee: Rory Griffin, Medical Director, Richard, Mental Health Psychiatrist, ADC, Wendy Kelley, Director, ADC and others
Jeremy Pinson, et al v. B. Ramos, et al
as 15-1662
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jeremy Pinson, Christopher Allen Coates, Tammy Sue Coates
Plaintiff: Debra Pinson
Defendant - Appellee: B. Ramos, SIS Technician, Miguel Medina, Associate Warden, Linda Sanders, Warden and others
Alonzo Gilliam v. Norman Hodges, Jr., et al
as 15-1663
Plaintiff - Appellant: Alonzo Gilliam
Defendant - Appellee: Norman L. Hodges, Jr., Director, Arkansas State Claims Commission, John Does, Committee Members and Clerks, Arkansas State Claims Commission
Anthony Mahoney v. Ray Hobbs, et al
as 15-1627
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthony J. Mahoney
Defendant - Appellee: Ray Hobbs, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, M. Cashion, Warden, Randall Williams Correctional Facility, Michael A. Davenport, Correctional Officer, Arkansas Department of Correction
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