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Vance Moller v. Richard Doisy, et al
as 15-1628
Petitioner - Appellant: Vance Ray Moller
Defendant - Appellee: Dr. Richard Doisy, Dr. Jason Cafer
Anthony Mahoney v. Ray Hobbs, et al
as 15-1627
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthony J. Mahoney
Defendant - Appellee: Ray Hobbs, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, M. Cashion, Warden, Randall Williams Correctional Facility, Michael A. Davenport, Correctional Officer, Arkansas Department of Correction
Berry Morrow v. William Straughn, et al
as 15-1619
Plaintiff - Appellant: Berry Isaac Morrow
Defendant - Appellee: William Straughn, Warden, Maximum Security Unit, ADC, Steve Outlaw, Deputy Warden, Maximum Security Unit, ADC, Marvin Evans, Deputy Director, Arkansas Department of Correction and others
Nicholas Addison v. Joey Martin, et al
as 15-1560
Plaintiff - Appellant: Nicholas Addison
Defendant - Appellee: Joey Martin, Jail Administrator, Poinsett County Jail, Austin Lemons, Jailer, Poinsett County Jail, Tyler Zack, Jailer, Poinsett County Jail
David Williams v. Corizon, et al
as 15-1549
Plaintiff - Appellant: David Williams
Defendant - Appellee: Corizon, LLC, Michael Person, Renee Fallhowe, Regional Medical Director, Corizon and others
Courtney Smith v. John Felts, et al
as 15-1530
Plaintiff - Appellant: Courtney Smith
Defendant - Appellee: John Felts, Chairman, Arkansas Parole Board, Ashley Vailes, Hearing Examiner, Arkansas Parole Board, Rodney Wright, Jr., Parole Officer, Arkansas Parole Office and others
Benjamin Muhammad v. Ray Hobbs, et al
as 15-1525
Plaintiff - Appellant: Benjamin Muhammad
Plaintiff: Adriene Tisdale, Tracy Kent Novak, Toby Robinson and others
Defendant - Appellee: Ray Hobbs, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, Rory Griffin, Medical Director, William Straughn, Warden, Tucker Maximum Security Unit and others
Anthony Payton v. T. C. Outlaw, et al
as 15-1513
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthony L. Payton
Defendant - Appellee: T. C. Outlaw, Former Warden, FCI - Forrest City, N. Thompson, SIS, FCI - Forrest City, Haulk, Officer, FCI - Forrest City and others
Seyoum Clark v. Chioma Hawkins, et al
as 15-1504
Plaintiff - Appellant: Seyoum Ali Clark
Defendant - Appellee: Chioma Hawkins, Supervising Parole Officer (DCC), Ashley Vailes, Hearing Examiner, Arkansas Parole Board (DCC), Doc Holiday, Pulaski County Sheriff and others
Byron Wallace v. Charles Walker, et al
as 15-1440
Plaintiff - Appellant: Byron L. Wallace
Defendant - Appellee: Charles Walker, Correctional Officer, Cummins Unit, ADC, Corey Rayner, Sergeant, Cummins Unit, ADC
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