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Michelle Day, et al v. United States
as 16-3118
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michelle Day, Administrator of the Estate and on Behalf of the Wrongful Death Beneficiaries of James Avery Deweese Sr., Ruth Deweese, Individually, Michelle Day, Individually
Defendant - Appellee: United States of America
Gustry Sailee v. GEICO, et al
as 16-2200
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gustry Sailee
Defendant - Appellee: GEICO, Wells Fargo Bank, State Farm and others
Roger Bailey, et al v. Monsanto Company, et al
as 16-2096
Plaintiff - Appellee: Roger Bailey, Nicoletta Calhoun, Thomas Cleary and others
Defendant - Appellant: Monsanto Company, Solutia, Inc., Pharmacia, LLC and others
Aaron Eckerberg v. Inter-State Studio, etc.
as 16-2021
Plaintiff - Appellee: Aaron D. Eckerberg
Defendant - Appellant: Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co., also known as Inter-State Studio, Inc.
Defendant: Karl Persinger
Erin Jessica Eiler v. Avera McKennan Hospital, et al
as 16-1979
Plaintiff - Appellant: Erin Eiler
Defendant - Appellee: Avera McKennan Hospital, Treating Medical Personnel
Corey White v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.
as 16-1958
Plaintiff - Appellant: Corey White
Defendant - Appellee: Union Pacific Railroad Company
Maurice Robinson v. Regional Medical Center, et al
as 16-1782
Plaintiff - Appellant: Maurice Robinson
Defendant - Appellee: Regional Medical Center at Memphis, University of Tennessee, Owner of UT Bowld Hospital, Dr. Chan Suddin and others
David Bening, et al v. Donald Nangle, et al
as 16-1721
Plaintiff - Appellee: David J. Bening, Bernice E. Harre, individually and as Successor of Plaintiff Alfred W. Harre, Deceased, Shirley Ann Hardin, as Successor of Plaintiff Alfred W. Harre, Deceased and others
Defendant: Arthur G. Muegler, Jr.
Garnishee: Freda Brockman, W. David Blackwell
Garnishee - Appellant: Donald Nangle, Jeanne Nangle
Michael Bavlsik, et al v. General Motor
as 16-1632
Plaintiff - Appellee: Michael Bavlsik, Kathleen Skelly
Defendant - Appellant: General Motors, LLC
Sharon Nowden v. Wal-Mart Corporate Office
as 16-1625
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sharon Nowden
Defendant - Appellee: Wal-Mart Corporate Office

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