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Charles Simmons v. Camron Rhodes, et al
as 16-3480
Plaintiff - Appellant: Charles H. Simmons
Defendant - Appellee: Camron Rhodes, Correctional fficer, Arkansas County Detention Center, Robbie Fread, Jail Administrator, Arkansas County Detention Center
Defendant: Peggy Pitts, Lieutenant, Arkansas County Detention Center, Allen Cheek, Arkansas County Sheriff, Arkansas County Detention Center
Walter Kimble, III v. Thelma Emerson
as 16-3431
Plaintiff - Appellant: Walter Antione Kimble, III
Defendant: Cheryl Eeoff, Jail Administrator, Conway County Detention Center, Mike Smith, Sheriff, Conway County Detention Center
Defendant - Appellee: Thelma Emerson, Jailor, Conway County Detention Center (originally named as Thelma Emmerson)
John Wright v. Mike Warner, et al
as 16-3430
Plaintiff - Appellant: John Kirby Wright
Defendant - Appellee: Mike Warner, Warden, EARU, Norton, Sergeant, EARU, Granger, Sergeant, EARU and others
Mark Morris v. Benny Nettles, et al
as 16-3401
Plaintiff - Appellant: Mark Morris
Defendant - Appellee: Benny Nettles, Principal, Grimes Unit, Tracey Dowell, Assistant Principal, Grimes Unit, Grimes Correctional Unit, Arkansas Department of Correction
Ted Hamilton v. Hempstead County
as 16-3392
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ted Hamilton
Defendant - Appellee: Hempstead County
Ronald Smullin v. Brett Duncan, et al
as 16-3350
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ronald DeWayne Smullin
Defendant - Appellee: Brett Duncan, Arthur Bentley, Doctor, Craighead County Jail, Chasity Jackson, Nurse, Craighead County Jail and others
Ronald Breshears v. Wendy Kelley, et al
as 16-3340
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ronald Ray Breshears
Defendant: Arkansas Department of Correction, Transportation Unit, Gary Hill, Transportation Administrator, ADC, Jane Does, 1 - 2, Drivers for ADC Central Transport and others
Defendant - Appellee: Wendy Kelley, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, Kim Hoffman, Regional Manager, Correct Care Solutions (originally named as Kim Hosmann), Rory Griffin, Assistant Regional Manager, Correct Care Solutions and others
Shawn Williams v. Daniel Ritter, et al
as 16-3311
Plaintiff - Appellant: Shawn Williams
Defendant - Appellee: Daniel J. Ritter, Correctional Officer, Jeremy Robertson, Correctional Officer Supervisor, Michael Bowersox, Superintendent and others
Phillip Stewart v. Gladys Evans
as 16-3278
Plaintiff - Appellant: Phillip Dewayne Stewart
Defendant - Appellee: Gladys Evans, Law Library Clerk, Varner Unit
Christopher Knox v. Wendy Kelley, et al
as 16-3257
Plaintiff - Appellant: Christopher George Knox
Defendant: Wendy Kelley, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, Joe Page, Deputy Warden, Grimes Unit, ADC, James Banks, Warden
Defendant - Appellee: Howard, Sergeant, Grimes Unit, ADC, Ricky Davis, Sergeant, Grimes Unit, ADC, Bruce Golden, Sergeant, Grimes Unit, ADC and others

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