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Nicholas Addison v. William Straughn, et al
as 17-1028
Plaintiff - Appellant: Nicholas Cortez Addison
Defendant - Appellee: William Straughn, Warden, Cummins Unit (originally named as Straughn), Louis E. Cogbill, Mental Health Dr., Cummins Unit (originally named as Cosgsbill), Sheila R. Johnson, Sergeant, Cummins Unit (originally named as Shelia Johny) and others
John Williams v. Randy Watson, et al
as 17-1019
Plaintiff - Appellee: John Henry Williams
Defendant: Debra York, Infirmary Administrator, Varner, Ludlam, Dental Assistant, Varner, Stephens, Captain, Shift Commander, Varner Super Max and others
Defendant - Appellant: Randy Watson, Warden, Varner, Moses Jackson, Assistant Warden, Varner, Bolden, Major, Chief of Security, Varner and others
James Fudge v. John Staley, et al
as 16-4576
Plaintiff - Appellant: James Fudge
Defendant - Appellee: John Staley, Sheriff, Lonoke County Jail, Kevin McCoy, Captain, Lonoke County Jail (originally named as McCoyn), Spencer, Maintenance Worker, Lonoke County Jail
Tyrone Ellis v. Patrick Drummond
as 16-4565
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tyrone Ellis
Defendant - Appellee: Patrick Drummond, APN, East Arkansas Regional Unit
Rodney McClanton v. Estella Bland
as 16-4482
Plaintiff - Appellant: Rodney Wilson McClanton
Defendant: Robert Breving
Defendant - Appellee: Estella Bland, Mrs., LPN, Cummins Unit Infirmary
Alonzo Gilliam v. Seccer Cole, et al
as 16-4475
Plaintiff - Appellant: Alonzo Gilliam
Defendant - Appellee: Seccer Cole, Sergeant, East Arkansas Regional Unit, ADC, Terry Doyle, Sergeant, East Arkansas Regional Unit, ADC, Doug Lockhart, Sergeant, East Arkansas Regional Unit, ADC and others
James Horton, III v. Blue Bell Ice Cream Company, et al
as 16-4467
Plaintiff - Appellant: James D. Horton, III
Defendant - Appellee: Blue Bell Ice Cream Company, Arkansas Department of Correction, England Police Department and others
Billy Nichols, Jr. v. Yang, et al
as 16-4471
Plaintiff - Appellant: Billy Mack Nichols, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: Yang, Dentist, Warner, Warden, EARU, ADC, Drummond, Nurse Practitioner and others
Keith Blackwell v. Charlie Dooley, et al
as 16-4470
Plaintiff - Appellant: Keith Lamar Blackwell
Defendant - Appellee: Charlie A. Dooley, County Executive, Garry W. Earls, Chief Operating Officer, Herbert Bernsen, Director, St. Louis County Justice Center and others
Edwin Martin v. Gaylon Lay, et al
as 16-4458
Plaintiff - Appellant: Edwin Martin
Defendant - Appellee: Gaylon Lay, Warden, Cummins Unit, originally named as G Lay, Jared Byers, Assistant Warden Security Department, Cummins Unit, originally named as J Buyers, Wendy Kelley, Director, Arkansas Department of Correction (originally named as Wendy Kelly) and others

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