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DeAngelo Thomas v. Pliska, et al
as 16-3713
Plaintiff - Appellant: DeAngelo Lamont Thomas
Defendant - Appellee: Pliska, Sergeant, Peterson, Lieutenant, Jenkins, Sergeant and others
Larry Johnson v. Donte McGough
as 16-3702
Plaintiff - Appellant: Larry Johnson
Defendant - Appellee: Officer Donte McGough, Washington County Detention Center
Richard Bower v. Arkansas Dept. of Correction
as 16-3703
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard Bower
Defendant - Appellee: Arkansas Department of Correction
Robert Bell v. Denese Young, et al
as 16-3644
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert Bell
Defendant - Appellee: Denese Young, SCCC Librarian II, Jimmy Dieker, SCCC Law Clerk, Karen Carter, SCCC CCWI and others
Todd Mercer v. Danny Martin, et al
as 16-3660
Plaintiff - Appellant: Todd H. Mercer
Defendant - Appellee: Danny Martin, Nevada County Sheriff, Jailer Patricia Franklin, Chief Deputy Miller, Intake Deputy
Sylvester Barbee v. Lisbeth Murphy, et al
as 16-3656
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sylvester Barbee
Defendant - Appellee: Lisbeth Anne Murphy, Doctor, Ouachita River Correction Unit, Wendy Kelley, Director of Health & Correctional Programs, Central Office ADC, Marie Lane, Corizon, Oauchita River Correctional Unit
Nicholas Addison v. Megan Corbell, et al
as 16-3620
Plaintiff - Appellant: Nicholas Cortez Addison
Defendant - Appellee: Megan Corbell, Correction Officer, Poinsett County Detention Center, Joey Martin, Administrator, Poinsett County Detention Center, Poinsett County Detention Center
Joaquin Foy v. Trista Wyatt, et al
as 16-3600
Plaintiff - Appellant: Joaquin Irwin Foy
Defendant - Appellee: Trista Wyatt, Claims Adjudicator, F.B.O.P.
Brian Kremlin v. Missouri Dept. of Corrections, et al
as 16-3582
Plaintiff - Appellant: Brian Kremlin
Defendant - Appellee: Missouri Department of Corrections, Western Missouri Correctional Center, WMCC Case Workers Housing Units 10,9,8,7,4 and others
Dexter Harmon v. Leslie Rutledge, et al
as 16-3579
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dexter Harmon
Defendant - Appellee: Leslie Rutledge, Attorney General, State of Arkansas, Bourgon B. Reynolds, Assistant Attorney General, State of Arkansas, Chris Piazza, Circuit Court Judge, Pulaski County and others

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