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Abrera v. Newsom et al
as 2:2022at00679
Plaintiff: Arnold Abrera
Defendant: Gavin Newsom, Rob Bonta, Anne Marie Schubert and others
Cause Of Action: 28 U.S.C. § 1331 Federal Question: Other Civil Rights
Donte Harris v. Kathleen Allison, et al
as 22-15921
Plaintiff / Appellee: DONTE LEE HARRIS
Defendant / Appellant: KATHLEEN ALLISON, Director of the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, RALPH DIAZ, Secretary of the Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, RON DAVIS, Associate Director of Reception Center Transfers and others
Defendant: J. ARNOLD, Captain, CDCR, M. BLOISE, Lieutenant, CDCR, B. HAUB, Lieutenant, CDCR and others
Alex Salaverria v. State of California, et al
as 22-55559
Plaintiff / Appellant: ALEX ALFONSO SALAVERRIA
Defendant / Appellee: STATE OF CALIFORNIA, GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor of California, ERIC GARCETTI, Mayor of Los Angeles and others
Solomon v. Frederickson, et al
as 22-1426
Plaintiff / Appellant: DENNIS J. SOLOMON
Defendant / Appellee: ROBERT C. LAWLESS, NATASHA C. LISMAN, DOUGLAS WOLF and others
Defendant: FRANK FREDERICKSON, in his personal capacity and official capacity, PHILIP MAGNUSON, in his personal capacity and official capacity and MICHAEL KENNEFICK, in his personal capacity and official capacity
(PC) Blackman v. Newsome et al
as 2:2022cv00936
Plaintiff: Tony Blackman
Defendant: Gavin Newsome, Xavier Becerra, Danielle Banam and others
Cause Of Action: 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Prisoner Civil Rights
Salaverria v. The United States of America
as 22-1190
Plaintiff / Appellant: Alex Alfonso Salaverria
Defendant / Appellee: The United States of America, Department of Justice of the United States, Department of Homeland Security, (USDHS), Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Unidentified Agents Acting in the name of USDHS and others
Defendant: Retired Agent Jeffrey James Mumaugh, Under Cover, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (ICE), Director Tae D. Johnson, All Arresting Officers, Present at Illegal Arrest, September 7, 2021 and others
Kantee W. Jacobs v. Trent Allen et al
as 2:2022cv03651
Plaintiff: Kantee W. Jacobs
Defendant: Trent Allen, CDCR and Governor Gavin Newsom
Cause Of Action: 28 U.S.C. § 2254 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
Marcus Fields v. Gavin Newsom, et al
as 22-55519
Plaintiff / Appellant: MARCUS BRENT FIELDS
Defendant / Appellee: GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor, State of California, NADINE BURKE HARRIS, M.D. California Surgeon General, KATHLEEN ALLISON, Secretary, CDCR and others
Melike Dewey v. Superior Court of California, et al
as 22-55516
Plaintiff / Appellant: MELIKE DEWEY
Defendant / Appellee: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, County of Ventura, ERIK NASARENKO, ALEXA LEIBL and others
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as 3:2022cv03037
Plaintiff: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Cause Of Action: 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Prisoner Civil Rights

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