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Michael R. Spengler v. Los Angeles County Employees et al
as 2:2017cv00450
Defendant: Attorney Martin Bean, Sheriff Michael Carrillo, Officer Mike Carrillo and others
Plaintiff: Michael R. Spengler
Shane Matthew Mulvihill v. Dean Borders
as 5:2017cv00079
Defendant: Dean Borders
Plaintiff: Shane Matthew Mulvihill
Domonic A. Cooper v. Deputy Roche et al
as 5:2017cv00041
Plaintiff: Domonic Antonio Cooper
Defendant: Deputy Roche, Doctor Shyam Kumbhani, Giselle Manjarrez and others
Domonic Antonio Cooper v. Carlos et al
as 5:2017cv00040
Defendant: Sheriff Deputy Carlos, Rev James E. Hennings, Rev C. Skaggs
Plaintiff: Domonic Antonio Cooper
Sean Robbins v. J. Cortez et al
as 2:2017cv00246
Defendant: J. Busby, E. Clemons, J. Cortez and others
Plaintiff: Sean Robbins
Eric McCloskey v. J. M. Solorzano et al
as 5:2017cv00045
Defendant: Nurse. Gonzalez, D. Nielson, J. Shepard and others
Plaintiff: Eric McCloskey
Shane Mathew Mulvihill v. Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
as 2:2017cv00200
Defendant: Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
Plaintiff: Shane Matthew Mulvihill
Domonic Antonio Cooper v. Deputy Roche et al
as 5:2017cv00038
Defendant: Dane Beckford, Deputy Enscoe, Nurse Ginn and others
Plaintiff: Domonic Antonio Cooper
Marvin Larry v. Santa Barbara County Sheriff et al
as 2:2017cv00156
Plaintiff: Marvin Larry
Defendant: Santa Barbara County Jail, Santa Barbara County Sheriff

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