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John Roe v. City of New York
as 21-907
Defendant / Appellee: Fredrick Loeffler, Robert Ryan, Nitin Savur and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Jane Roe 1, Jane Roe 2, John Roe
Kaitlin Smith v. Walmart Stores East LP, et al
as 21-11116
Defendant / Appellee: WALMART STORES EAST LP, JOHN DOES 1-2
Plaintiff / Appellant: KAITLIN SMITH
Herrera, et al v. City of Espanola, et al
as 21-2030
Defendant / Appellee: JOHN DOES, 1-2, in their individual capacities, JANE ROES, 1-3, CITY OF ESPANOLA, a municipality
Komatsu v. The City of New York
as 21-857
Defendant / Appellee: NYPD Detective Raymond Gerola, Shield No. 6577, NYPD Inspector Howard Redmond, Detective Andrew Berkowitz, Shield No. 7141 and others
Defendant: Officer Jane Doe 1, Rachel Atcheson, Paul Briscoe and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Towaki Komatsu
Komatsu v. The City of New York
as 21-844
Defendant / Appellee: Christopher Fowler, NYPD Officer (badge #: 3185), sued in individual and official capacities, Keith Dietrich, NYPD Officer (shield #5779), John Doe, NYPD Officer and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Towaki Komatsu
Defendant: John Doe, 1,
Robert Lippert v. Ramond Caballos-Galendo, et al
as 21-35222
Defendant / Appellee: JOHN DOE, 3, an unidentified state official at ISCC, IDAHO STATE CORRECTIONAL CENTER, ISCC, JOHN DOE, 2, state official at ISCC also known as Sergeant Host and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: ROBERT SCOTT LIPPERT, AKA Robert Scott
Kimberly Ruloph v. LAMMICO, et al
as 21-1572
Defendant: Washington Regional Medical Center, Kristin Pece, M.D., Jody A. Bradshaw and others
Defendant / Appellee: Mercy Clinics Fort Smith Communities, Mercy Hospital-Fort Smith, LAMMICO, doing business as LAMMICO Risk Retention Group, Inc. and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kimberly Ruloph
Dean Steppello v. John Doe Captain
as 21-1266
Defendant / Appellee: HEALTH ADMINISTRATOR, OFFICER MOORE, JOHN DOE 2, Warden FCI 2 and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: DEAN STEPPELLO
Emmanuel McGriff El v. William Bland
as 21-6355
Defendant / Appellee: JUDGE WILLIAM BLAND, MATTHEW DELBRIDGE, District Attorney, JOHN DOE 2 and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: EMMANUEL LEE MCGRIFF EL
Jean-Baptiste v. Titereaul
as 21-580
Plaintiff / Appellant: Oles Jean-Baptiste
Defendant / Appellee: John Doe, #2, John Doe, #5, Norwich Police Station and others

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