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Easter Clark v. Ida Porter, et al
as 16-3256
Plaintiff - Appellant: EASTER CLARK, as Independent Administrator of the Estate of Chikita Clark, deceased
Defendant - Appellee: IDA PORTER, LPN, in her individual capacity, JASON G. POTTER, Star No. 7547 in his individual capacity, WILLIAM L. TOWNSEND, Star No. 8285, in his individual capacity and others
David Johnson v. Lynette Thompson-Edwards, et al
as 16-3255
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID M. JOHNSON
Defendant - Appellee: LYNETTE THOMPSON-EDWARDS, in her individual capacity, RONALD A. RASCIA, in his individual capactiy, WILLIAM BLUMTHAL, in his individual capactiy and others
Judy Powell v. USA
as 16-3248
Plaintiff - Appellant: JUDY A. POWELL
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Michael Aldous v. City of Galena, Illinois, et al
as 16-3212
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHAEL J. ALDOUS
Defendant - Appellee: CITY OF GALENA, ILLINOIS, a body politic and Municipal Corporation in the State of Illinois, MARK MORAN, individually and in his official capacity as Galena City Administrator, TERRY RENNER, individually and in his official capacity as Mayor of Galena
De Carlos Freeman v. George Payne
as 16-3199
Plaintiff - Appellant: DE CARLOS FREEMAN
Defendant - Appellee: GEORGE PAYNE, Major
Anthony Johnson v. Lisa Madigan, et al
as 16-3189
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTHONY JOHNSON
Defendant - Appellee: LISA MADIGAN, HIRAM GRAU, TRACIE H. NEWTON and others
Eagle Cove Camp & Conference C, et al v. Town of Woodboro, Wisconsin, et al
as 16-3194
Plaintiff - Appellant: EAGLE COVE CAMP & CONFERENCE CENTER, INC., a Wisconsin non-stock corporation, ARTHUR G. JAROS, JR., individually and as Co-Trustee of the Arthur G. Jaros, Sr. and Dawn L. Jaros Charitable Trust, and as Trustee of the Arthur G. Jaros, Sr. Declaration of trust, and as Trustee of the Dawn L. Jaros Declaration of Trust, WESLEY A. JAROS, as co-trustee of the Arthur G. Jaros, Sr. and Dawn L. Jaros Charitable Trust and others
Arthur Stanley v. Timothy Wilson, Jr.
as 16-3171
Plaintiff - Appellant: ARTHUR L. STANLEY
Defendant - Appellee: TIMOTHY WILSON, JR.
Rufus Jones v. City of Belleville, et al
as 16-3143
Plaintiff - Appellant: RUFUS E. JONES
Defendant - Appellee: CITY OF BELLEVILLE, Illinois, BRENDAN F. KELLY, State's Attorney, St. Claire County, Illinois, ROGER MCLEAN, St. Clair County, Illinois Sheriff and others
Ede Warner, Jr. v. Hilary Brown, et al
as 16-3136
Plaintiff - Appellant: EDE WARNER, JR., President and COO, Greater Decisions Consulting, LLC
Defendant - Appellee: HILARY BROWN, Marion County Prosecutor's Office, MARION COUNTY PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE CHILD SUPPORT DIVISION, MIKE O'CONNELL, Jefferson County, KY Attorney's Office and others

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