Cases filed in the Ninth Circuit Courts
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Lima v. Zoom Adventures, Inc. et al
as 3:2019cv02160
Defendant: Kevin Smith, XYZ Partnerships I-X, DOES I-X and others
Plaintiff: Angelo Lima
Cause Of Action: Diversity Action
Justin Blackburn, et al v. Summit Healthcare Association, et al
as 19-17227
Defendant / Appellee: GROSSBARD, named as Jane Doe Grossbard, a married couple, AKA Shelley Grossbard, TWIGS LINK CORPORATION, an Arizona corporation, DBA T.W.I.G.S., DBA Weight Is Gone Surgically, S3 INVESTORS INCORPORATED, an Arizona corporation and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: CARSON MILLER, JUSTIN BLACKBURN, MICHELLE STODDART, on behalf of themselves and all other persons similarly situated
Defendant: BRIMHALL, named as John Doe Brimhall, a married couple, ROBERT BERGER, M.D., BILLINGSLEY, named as: John Doe Billingsley and others
Madison Alley Transportation & v. Western Truck Insurance Servic, et al
as 19-17196
Defendant / Appellant: ROBERT DION, WESTERN TRUCK INSURANCE SERVICES, INC., a California corporation
Defendant: UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as: John and Jane Does I-X, ABC Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies I-X and XYZ Corporations I-X, UNKNOWN DION
Plaintiff / Appellee: MADISON ALLEY TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS, INC., a New York corporation
Jacob Benson, et al v. Casa De Capri Enterprises, LLC, et al
as 19-16686
Plaintiff / Appellant: JACOB BENSON, an individual, K. B., a minor, by and through Jacob Benson, guardian ad litem, DEBORAH BENSON, husband and wife and others
Defendant / Appellee: CASA DE CAPRI ENTERPRISES, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as John Does 1-20; ABC Corporations I-X; XYZ Partnerships I-X
Robert Johnson v. COSTCO, et al
as 19-15233
Plaintiff / Appellant: ROBERT JOHNSON
Defendant / Appellee: COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATION, a Washington corporation, UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as ABC Partnerships I-X; JOHN DOE I-X and JANE DOE I-X, their wives; XYZ CORPORATIONS I-X
Edward Musselman v. Michael Meelhuysen, et al
as 18-15322
Plaintiff - Appellant: EDWARD MUSSELMAN
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL MEELHUYSEN, Badge no. 7090, in his individual capacity as an officer with the Phoenix Police Department, BRIAN HERRICK, Badge no. 8759, in his individual capacity as an officer with the Phoenix Police Department, UNKNOWN PARTIES, Named as: John Does I-X; Jane Does I-X; ABC Partnerships I-X; XYZ Corporations I-X
Helen Schirmer v. Avalon Health Care, Inc., et al
as 17-16183
Plaintiff - Appellant: HELEN SCHIRMER, surviving spouse of decendant/ for her own behalf and on behalf of the decendant's estate and on behalf of all who may have a statutory right of recovery deceased Carl Schirmer
Defendant - Appellee: AVALON HEALTH CARE, INC., a Utah corporation, DBA Avalon Care Center Shadow Mountains, UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as: John Does I-X, Jane Does I-X, ABC Corporations I-X, and XYZ Partnerships I-X
FTC Solar Capital XIX LLC v. Folium Energy Development, LLC, et al
as 17-15756
Plaintiff - Appellant: FTC SOLAR CAPITAL XIX LLC, an Arizona limited liability company
Defendant - Appellee: FOLIUM ENERGY DEVELOPMENT, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as: ABC Corporations I-X, XYZ Partnerships I-X, John Does I-X, and Jane Does I-X (husbands and wives, respectively)
Weik v. Goldberg et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 9:2014cv00182
Defendant: ABC Corporations I-X, Jane Does I-X, Does I-X and others
Plaintiff: David L. Weik
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question: Breach of Contract
William Roush v. Charles Ryan, et al
as 13-15455
Defendant - Appellee: UNKNOWN BARIENTOS, named as John Doe Barientos/husband, UNKNOWN HAYES, named as: Jane Doe Hayes/wife, PAUL KHOURY, CCS Kitchen Manager and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: WILLIAM FRANCIS ROUSH

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