Cases 1 - 10 of 1,164
as 2:2023cv01824
Plaintiff: KESHA GREEN
Defendant: IRON WORKERS LOCAL 11, JOHN DOES 1-10 (SAID NAMES BEING FICTITIOUS, REAL NAMES UNKNOWN) and ABC ENTITIES 1-10 (said names being fictitious, real names unknown)
Cause Of Action: 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination)
Lane v. Palmer et al
as 0:2023cv01284
Plaintiff: Christopher Lane
Defendant: John Palmer, First Name Unknown Tierry, First Name Unknown Moss and others
Cause Of Action: 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Prisoner Civil Rights, State Filers
Morris v. Trump
as 23-456
Plaintiff / Appellant: Keith S. Morris
Defendant / Appellee: President Donald Trump, Comm. Andrew M. Saul, of Social Security, Nancy A. Berryhill, Dep. Comm. of Social Security and others
Defendant: A.L.J. Roxanne Fuller, A.G. William P. Barr, Department of Labor, Secretary of State (N.Y.) and others
Krish Singh v. City of Phoenix, et al
as 23-15444
Plaintiff / Appellee: KRISH SINGH
Defendant / Appellant: CITY OF PHOENIX, BRITTANY SMITH-PETERSEN, Officer, Badge No. 10529, wife and ANNIE BATWAY, Officer, Badge No. 9656, wife
Defendant: SMITH-PETERSEN, First Name Unknown, husband, BATWAY, First Name Unknown, husband and UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as John and Jane Does I-X
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 2:2023cv01024
Plaintiff: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Cause Of Action: 42 U.S.C. § 12101 Americans with Disabilities Act
Benjamin Guidry v. Gutierrez
as 23-15407
Petitioner / Appellant: BENJAMIN DOUGLAS GUIDRY
Respondent / Appellee: GUTIERREZ, First Name Unknown, Warden
Mikeal Stine v. Merrell, et al
as 23-15383
Plaintiff / Appellant: MIKEAL GLENN STINE
Defendant / Appellee: MERRELL, First Name Unknown, Lt. SIS, Mr., C. HOWARD, Complex Warden, Ms. and AMANDA STANGL, Unit Manager, Ms.
Adrian Cooper v. Robert McFadden, et al
as 23-15384
Plaintiff / Appellant: ADRIAN COOPER
Defendant / Appellee: ROBERT MCFADDEN, Regional Director, PETERSON, First Name Unknown, named as Lieutenant Peterson, in his individual and official capacity, UNKNOWN PARTIES, named as Lieutenant John Doe (1), Correctional Officer John Does (2),(3), & (4), in their individual and official capacity and others
John Fullen v. Scott Mascher, et al
as 23-15381
Plaintiff / Appellant: JOHN HOYT FULLEN, AKA John Fullen
Defendant / Appellee: SCOTT MASCHER, Sheriff at Yavapai County Detention, JEFF NEWNUM, Captain at Yavapai County Detention, BARBEY, First Name Unknown, Sgt. at Yavapai County Detention and others
Williams v. The Hon. Warrant Issuing Judge
as 23-358
Plaintiff / Appellant: Chad S. Williams
Defendant: Gillespie Wadsworth, Counselor Mrs. Wiggins, Warden J. C. Holland, Individually and in their official capacity and others
Defendant / Appellee: Shellard, Deputy Hoyt, Deputy Bitterman and others

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