Cases 1 - 10 of 496
Jackson v. Mueller et al
as 5:2021cv01523
Defendant: Officer Brantley, Officer Medley, Officer Gillepsie and others
Plaintiff: Derrik Lemar Jackson
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights, State Filers
Knox v. Jeffreys et al
as 3:2021cv00483
Defendant: C/O Bender, Nurse Rayburn, Ms. Steelhorn and others
Plaintiff: Ted Knox
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Clay v. Rodriguez et al
as 4:2021cv04082
Defendant: Sgt. Nicholas Rodriguez, Officer Nicholas Anderson, Officer Brent McDonald and others
Plaintiff: Cornelius Michael Clay
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Wilke v. Hintz et al
as 2:2021cv00575
Defendant: CO Knaub, Sgt Hintz, CO Sharpe and others
Plaintiff: Jonathan David Wilke
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Fults v. McNamara et al
as 6:2021cv00404
Defendant: CO FNU Oliver, Nurse FNU Mashell, B. Fabela and others
Plaintiff: Christopher Fults
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Bradley Monical v. Mike Winters, et al
as 21-35271
Defendant: ERIN GILKISON, Deputy, CULLEN, Dr., JOHN DOE 2, Deputy and others
Defendant / Appellee: JOSHUA ALDRICH, Lt., TIMOTHY HIGGINS, Deputy, TROY HAMILTON, Deputy and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: BRADLEY WILLIAM MONICAL
Robert Voskanyan v. Upchurch, et al
as 21-55333
Plaintiff / Appellee: ROBERT VOSKANYAN
Defendant / Appellant: J. LEW, Deputy, F. ABRIL, Deputy, MOSQUERA, Lt. and others
William DeCory v. Ashley Stabe, et al
as 21-1775
Defendant / Appellee: Ashley Stabe, SD DOC Sgt; in her individual capacity, Nicolas Anderson, S.C.O. in his individual capacity, South Dakota Department of Corrections, in its official capacity and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: William Martin Ardene DeCory
Finster v. Anderson County Detention Facility et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 3:2021cv00133
Plaintiff: Alfred R Finster
Defendant: Anderson County Detention Facility, Southern Health Partners, N Artz and others
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights
Verrier v. Murphy et al
as 2:2021cv00428
Defendant: Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Sgt Roberts, Nurse Michelle Lewis and others
Plaintiff: Joseph Verrier
Cause Of Action: Prisoner Civil Rights

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