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Cases 91 - 100
USA v. Larry Thompson, Jr.
as 16-6589
Plaintiff - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Defendant - Appellant: LARRY G. THOMPSON, JR.
Vincent George, Jr. v. Salvador Godinez, et al
as 16-3754
Plaintiff - Appellant: VINCENT M. GEORGE, JR., also known as George Vincent, also known as Abdul Alim Hajar
Defendant - Appellee: SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Director of IDOC, WARDEN HODGES, JANIS JOKISCH and others
Louis Simpson v. James Shadid
as 16-3755
Respondent: JAMES E. SHADID
Kiwanta Ali v. USA
as 16-3756
Petitioner: KIWANTA ALI
United States v. Camille Touche
as 16-4017
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Camille Touche
United States v. Marvance Robinson
as 16-4018
Plaintiff - Appellee: United States of America
Defendant - Appellant: Marvance J. Robinson
Gerald H. Groenewold, Ph.D. v. Robert O. Kelley, Ph.D., et al
as 16-4019
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gerald H. Groenewold, Ph.D.
Defendant - Appellee: Robert O. Kelley, Ph.D., president of the University of North Dakota, an institution within the North Dakota University System, in his individual capacity and alternatively and consecutively, in his official capacity, North Dakota State Board of Higher Education, an entity of state statutory and constitutional dimension, which sets policy for all colleges and universities within the North Dakota University System
Nancy Elizabeth Ferneau v. United States
as 16-4020
Petitioner - Appellant: Nancy Elizabeth Ferneau
Respondent - Appellee: United States of America
Michael Fiorito v. United States
as 16-4021
Petitioner: Michael Fiorito
Respondent: United States of America
Billy Fleshner v. Kenneth Wiley, et al
as 16-4022
Plaintiff - Appellant: Billy Duane Card Fleshner
Defendant - Appellee: Kenneth Wayne Wiley, Matthew Tiedt, Kyle Shores and others

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